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Image by MChe Lee


Hi, I'm Wina!

I’m a proud Filipina and an advocate of quality education.

I believe that knowledge only becomes power if it is shared whole-heartedly and received conscientiously.

Alongside this adage, I have been conducting seminars that enlighten teachers and students to achieve the best in their academic pursuit and personal development;

I created thoughtful learning choices - an online education platform which underpins sustainable education; and 

I am an editorial advisory board member of an international online journal (Journal of Education and Social Sciences).

 That's what I'm passionate about. I love sharing my expertise and encouraging people to achieve their best. 

Anywise, we are all innately marvelous.

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Taught Qualitative Research / Senior Highschool Students / Manila, Philippines / 2019

Taught Preparation of Instructional Materials / Graduate Students / Rayong, Thailand / 2019

Conducted a 4-Day Seminar-Workshop on Functional Grammar and Writing in the Classroom (with CPD Units) / Department of Education Teachers and School Heads / Davao, Philippines / 2019


Conducted a 4-Day Seminar-Workshop on Active and Reflective Listening (with CPD Units) / Department of Education Teachers and School Heads / Palawan, Philippines / 2019

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Conducted Workshop on Sales Presentation / Asia United Bank Employees / Makati, Philippines / 2017



My first publication was with one of the most admired professors and respected leaders in De La Salle University Manila, Philippines – Dr. Remedios “Remy” Miciano.

It was truly an honor and a great blessing to work with her and to witness her

sincerity, integrity, and generosity.

These three traits were emulated by the special people I worked with.

I have been privileged and blessed to be surrounded by people like them.

Hence, in my own little way, I yearn to give back by sharing to all of you –

the products of love and inspiration.

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A book chapter published in the DLSU Centennial Book Series (2011). This study presented the effects of DISCOURSE MARKERS to the listening comprehension of 206 undergradute and graduate students. 

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A research published last 2013 at CALL-EJ. This is one of the pioneering studies in the Philippines with regard to the benefits and limitations of the leading academic plagiarism detector - TURNITIN. 



A research presented in BY Forum, Singapore and published in conference proceedings last 2013. This study presented the HEDGING DEVICES employed by Humanistic Buddhist writers.

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A research presented in GLoCALL 2013 Conference - DaNang, Vietnam.

Using SPSS v. 19, this study furnished interesting patterns and perceptions of the use of technology in learning English among the 600 'DIGITAL NATIVES' of Manila, Philippines. 

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A research presented in GLoCALL 2015 Conference - Daejeon, Korea.  This paper surveyed 215 students and interviewed 20 professors to venture on their competence and inhibitions on the use of ONLINE SURVEY.



A research presented in GLoCALL 2015 Conference - Daejeon, Korea. This was a collaborative project with my Korean student to tap her potential in research writing.  We explored how Korean students in the Philippines use ELECTRONIC DICTIONARY.

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A research presented in GLoCALL 2011 Conference - Manila, Philippines.

Since it was widely observed that students were prone to just read their PowerPoint while presenting, this study investigated ways to challenge and hone students to be more effective presenters by utilizing the promising potentials of Pecha Kucha method. 

Legal Research and Writing


A research presented in GLoCALL 2010 Conference - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.  PowerPoint is said to be the most commonly used media to enhance any presentation; therefore, this study investigated the ways students used PowerPoint during their presentation. Further, this study addressed students as visual learners and listeners.

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A research presented in GLoCALL 2010 Conference - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. This paper presented the Freshmen students' common weaknesses in visual literacy. This study specifically analyzed the way students created and interpreted Non-Prose Forms (figures - graphs, charts, and tables). The result showed that a pedagogy must be enhanced.

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A research funded by University Research Coordination Office, De La Salle University. Our research team

prepared lectures in 4 acad fields:  the social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, & humanities to explore the undergraduate's & graduate's Academic Listening Comprehension skills.

Legal Research and Writing


Ongoing Project

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Hands on Keyboard


Ongoing Project

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I am eternally grateful to my parents for instilling in me the joy of acquiring knowledge and to my teachers for giving me great opportunities to explore and discover my passion.

They both inspire me to be an advocate of quality education.

Hence through my advocacy, I aspire to pass on the same joy and inspiration to everyone.

This would even be more meaningful and powerful if you'll join me.

Together, let’s raise awareness and unite all the education stakeholders to a common goal –

quality education for all.

Please share and educate the world with kindness.



These articles feature amazing people and wonderful ideas.

Their simplest or grandiose ways can really inspire us towards sustainable education.

I published them here because I believe in the potency of writing.

 With the hope to contribute meaningful ideas and positive energy

 I share my style -

my heart

through these articles.

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Once in our lives, our paths crossed.

Wonderful memories were built.

 You inspired me, hence the creation of this website.


What did you enjoy the most about me? Our class? Our time together?

What did you learn that until now you’re still applying?


Let’s share them and prove that learning is beautiful.   

With your words, you can inspire the world.


Enjoy writing! 

Ava, Senior High Student

You give us comments that we wouldn't learn even after spending one whole day reading about "How to Make your Speeches more Creative"or "Interesting Speech Topics". With that said, I have become truly fond of your teaching and inspired by you at the same time.

Kobe, Law Student

I can say that the biggest improvement in my writing skill came during the time I was your student. I considered myself as a pretty good writer going into your class. But you were tough and  you  kept challenging me. I am a much better writer because of it.  

Mikaela, College Student

You dedicated a lot of time for us by thoroughly checking our works no matter how lengthy or how incoherent they were. You made sure no one got left behind, which was why all of us were so lively in your online sessions.

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