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Chapter 8: The Use of Discourse Markers in Lectures: Its Effect on Academic Listening Comprehension

October 2011

In book: Issues and trends in Applied Linguistics in the Philippines: A decade in retrospect

Publisher: Anvil Publishing Inc.



Remedios Miciano

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Pauline Gocheco

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Edwina Bensal

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Junifer Abatayo

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To Cite This Source:

Miciano, R., Gocheco, P., Bensal, E. R., & Abatayo, J. (2011). The use of discourse markers in lectures: Its effect on academic listening comprehension. In S. N. Dita (Ed.), Issues and Trends in Applied Linguistics in the Philippines. A Decade in Retrospect (81-95). Anvil Publishing, Inc.



The exploratory study on academic listening sought to determine if the presence of discouse markers (DM) in lectures would facilitate lecture comprehension. Two hundred and six undergraduate and graduate students, local and international, participated in the study. Treatment 1 group listened to a lecture with discourse markers wheras Treatment 2 group listened to the same lecture without discourse markers. A multiple choice test followed right after. Contrary to the finding in previous studies, the results of the independent t-test show that discourse markers generally did not have a facilitative effect on lecture comprehension. The small size of the experimental groups and the participants’ reliance on content schema, among other factors, could explain the results.

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