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The Lion's Tome: Exploring Singapore Libraries (Part 1)

Here are some things in Singapore Libraries that just make sense:

Part 1

Part 2

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1. Singapore Sections

All the 33 libraries in Singapore's National Library Board (NLB) system have a dedicated "Singapore Collection" comprised of a wide range of reading materials and cultural resources that may serve as the national archives of the country. This demonstrated their firm and unwavering commitment to their country's cultural heritage and identity. Truly inspiring!

2. Library Locations

Singapore Libraries are not just strategically a few steps near train stations, but some of them are in the mall. Indeed, libraries are so accessible to the public. For instance:

While at Vivo City Mall, tourists can have a cultural and educational immersion by dropping by in this public library during their shopping spree.

Some students can consider Bedok Public Library (that is within Heartbeat@Bedok Complex) as a better choice instead of a coffee shop. Public libraries as an option allows them to focus on their studies without unnecessary expenses or disturbances.

Daddies and kids accompanying their moms on errands can have a meaningful and enjoyable time at library (for example, Bukit Batok Public Library that is on the third floor of West Mall). This can turn waiting into a valuable chance to learn, read, and bond.

3. Reader's Nooks

Singapore Libraries offer a diverse range of reading zones that go beyond the ergonomically designed tables and chairs. They also provide sofa areas indoors and outdoors that cater to different preferences and create comfortable spaces for both visitors and readers to enjoy their library stays.

A small modern cave where you can isolate yourself and stretch your tired legs from walking. You can absolutely relax as you dive into another wise world of reading.

Tadah!!! That's me in a Black Hole Focus - that moment of an unbreakable bond between the beauty and power of written words.

A compelling book and a majestic library always give me that regal vibe. Say, Singapore Libraries have reading nooks that can transport me to a realm of grandeur and enchantment.

More than vertical circulation and aesthetic appeal, staircases can serve as multi-purpose spaces for reading nooks, work collaboration, and seating areas.

For more holistic approach and to encourage creative thinking while reading, some Singapore Libraries have outdoor spaces for library patrons to be one with nature or to read aloud.

4. Spectacular Panorama

By utilizing wide glass walls and windows, most Singapore Libraries boast ample natural light with breathtaking views. This allows library patrons to indulge in a captivating book while being treated to an awe-inspiring view that soothes their eyes. This sustainable practice helps conserve energy and minimize harsh environmental impact with electricity consumption. Truly, earth-friendly!

Library@Esplanade will give you this astonishing view - the Singapore River and the DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre.

Overlooking Tampines Stadium and Tampines Sports Hall when you are in Tampines Regional Library.

5. Contemporary Chronicles

Another amazing point about Singapore Libraries is they are innovative with the flow of their book arrivals. They sure have an abundant supply of cutting-edge reading materials that are up-to-date and relevant to the hungry minds of exuberant readers.

6. Book Access Ladder

You will definitely come back over and over when libraries are meticulously designed and thoughtfully crafted. Say, it is equipped with staircases that can allow you to easily access your desired books and materials without any fuss.

This is just the first part!

Together, let's uncover Singapore Libraries' astonishing features as we delve into the next part of this article. Don's miss out on what awaits! 😘

P.S. All photos were either taken using my Samsung Galaxy or Samsung S22 Ultra. Thank you.

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