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The Top 10 Most Charming Singapore Libraries

For all the aficionados of books, culture, interiors, travel, and tranquility...This article is for you!

Let me share with you the beauty that made my heart full when I stepped into the magical world of Singapore Libraries.

Thanks to the National Library Board (NLB) for managing more than 30 libraries in Singapore that have similar yet unique charm. Indeed, the Singapore government is successful in giving their locals a respite from busy or boring lives. Considered to be the finest country in the world, Singapore has built public, private, and regional libraries that are accessible, innovative, and breathtaking for their residents and visitors alike. What's more? Entrance is free!

Here are the Top Ten Singapore Libraries that beckon me with their irresistible charm and lure me back time and time again.

(For easy navigation to each library, just click a specific number above.)

1. Library@Orchard

This library is widely known as the most picturesque destination among tourists. In fact, this is one of the most visited libraries by foreigners, bloggers, vloggers, and Tiktokers.

FYI! All Singapore Libraries are beautifully built that are surely convenient and pleasing to all the book lovers and knowledge seekers out there. Therefore, we request that you maintain silence, refrain from taking photos of other people (without permission), avoid leaving any mess, and return the book where you got them during your stay.

Whether from a top view or a side view, both perspectives are equally stunning.

A 2020 photo versus a 2023: An evidence of Library@Orchard's timeless beauty and irresistible charm that remain unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, not only did they preserve its beauty and charm, but they also made remarkable strides in its development. They even opened additional rooms (e.g., a bigger study room and an exhibit area as shown in the photos below) to the public to maximize the library's purpose and to enhance its overall appeal.

Speaking of appeal, look at the photo of their bulletin board below! Library@Orchard's interior is currently winning the title for The Most Instagrammable Spot! Come visit this soon and capture your best shot. Of course, don't forget to share it or give a shout-out!

Aside from the awe-inspiring interiors, allow yourself to be captivated by the amiable and knowledgeable Library Ambassadors. Engaging in brief conversations with them has always been a valuable learning experience for me. Their kind and appreciative demeanor left a lasting impression on me; for instance, one Ambassador graciously thanked me in advance for featuring their library in this article.

After a wonderful chat with her, I took the liberty to sit on the Ambassador's chair that they conveniently place by the entrance to make themselves available for any inquiries or assistance.

Meet one of the nicest and youngest Library Ambassadors! Salute to you, my dear friend!

2. Library@Esplanade

Library@Esplanade is a must-visit destination for enthusiasts of music, dance, film, theatre, and arts. Inside and outside this magnificent library, prominent major arts performances and exhibits are showcased.

Singapore NLB undeniably supports, motivates, and enriches their homegrown talents. At the same time, it caters to diverse interests. Surely, a place for everyone! Library@Esplanade could incredibly ignite a joy for the arts!

Here are our two photos taken last 2019. That's Yen (second photo below - a Filipina tourist who I bumped into when I went down at the DBS Foundation Theatre to rest my eyes from reading). After our short chat, I invited her to check out Library@Esplanade.

While I indulged in browsing some books, she opted to explore the music section. It was really nice meeting her, because the Singapore Library tour even became more meaningful!

Inside Library@Esplanade, I saw musicians diligently practicing their pieces with their musical instruments in individual rooms. To respect their privacy, I refrained from capturing their photos. Instead, I chose to share with you some photos from the 2022 programmes and performance outside the library. You may include Library@Esplanade to your itinerary on your next Singapore tour.

3. Library@Harbourfront

Formerly named as Bukit Merah Public Library, Library@Harbourfront is located on the third floor of Vivo City Mall.

This haven is a few steps from Sentosa Express Station. Yes, you read it right. So before or after going to Universal Studios (Sentosa Island), why not visit this awesome library and...

Be in awe because Library@Harbourfront is no exception when it comes to its modern and aesthetic beauty that could give everyone profound intangible wonders.

Look how grand, complete, and advanced each section is!

You can have your own dwelling place while watching or listening to your chosen DVD.

Feel like a queen with these arrays of reading materials and multimedia resources!

Spend a relaxing time with your group or family in this state-of-the-art study room.

For individual reading nooks, there are some spots where you can enjoy some alone time reading or gazing at the outside view.

Organization is the key! Look at their returning and borrowing sections. Indeed, every section has been thoughtfully designed to ensure utmost convenience for their Library patrons!

4. Bedok Public Library

Another captivating Singapore Library is located in Heartbeat@Bedok Complex.

Bedok Public Library exhibits an entrance that looks like a meticulously arranged piece of an artistic 4D puzzle that deserves an instagrammable pose! Yes, I dressed up for the occasion. Library visit is always a very special one for me! 💖

Further, Bedok Public Library has charming interiors that are really pleasing to the eyes, because they do not only provide conducive environment, but also they are functional for an enriching experience and reading.

If Library@Harbourfront prominently features a colour scheme dominated by shades of blue and white, Bedok Public Library embraces soft earth tone colours of brown, green, and white. Both of these color combos add a refreshing and vibrant touch to Singapore Libraries - different but the same! 😍

Bedok Public Library visitors will surely be enchanted with its wide range of resources, such as books, magazines, newspapers, audiovisual materials, and digital resources both for kids and adults.

5. Tampines Regional Library

This is my TOP 1 Favorite Singapore Library so far! Since this is my fave, I would like to claim that this could be one of the best Singapore's cultural landmarks.

Take a moment to indulge in these captivating photos, showcasing the diverse range of materials available like books in Singapore's official languages: Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil.

Every aspect here is crafted with love and attention: inviting hallways, well-arranged books, and comprehensive facilities.

From staircase to elevator, from gallery to garden and view - all amenities are provided to create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere for everyone.

Yes, there is an ample and friendly space for readers of all ages (for this particular part - the senior citizens). I am highlighting the photo below because I find it inspiring. Can't help but smile seeing them valued!

Singapore's reputation as a country living in the future can partly be attributed to this innovative library. They do not just provide everything to their library patrons (from directory to printing and borrowing of reading materials).

They also utilize cutting-edge technologies like Orrbot who scans barcodes or RFID tags, and expedites the digitization of library collections.

They also consider water dispensers and toilets to assure their patrons a hygienic environment. Here are some photos that can prove that they prioritize cleanliness and maintenance.

Look closely at the photo above, you'll see some passionate culinary enthusiasts busy preparing hearty meals. Oh! The aroma of the food made my tummy grumble. ✌️It's a great idea that Tampines Hub has a hawker centre! After this, I went straight to it.

I ordered Signature Laksa with Prawns and Cockles at Social Bite. I say, Shiok! Thanks to the kind Hawker Auntie who served me this shiokingly good food! 😍

After my sumptuous lunch, I returned to Tampines Regional Library to continue reading Isaiah Hankel's Black Hole Focus in my chosen cave. All Singapore Libraries are truly fascinating.

In fact, during my stay here, a little girl was seated beside me. What truly amazed me was that unique bond between two complete strangers - lost in the captivating worlds of their respective books - both found solace in their shared love for reading even without looking at each other. Beautiful! So beautiful! 😍

6. The National Library / Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

This sanctuary is conveniently located just across the bustling Bugis Street market. The National Library can certainly provide a tranquil escape from the energetic and lively atmosphere of the surrounding area.

Not only that, look at the architectural features, lighting effects, and the overall atmosphere! The National Library is such a beholder for both dawn and dusk. One word to describe it - perfection! 😘

A 16-storey high library is an impressive feat! As claimed on their website, this is considered to be the flagship national library of Singapore. However, I won't tease you with mere descriptions or pictures. I can assure you that the National Library Singapore is truly worth experiencing firsthand. So, what are you waiting for?

7. Clementi Public Library

Small but terrible! That would best describe Clementi Public Library. Hence, no one should underestimate its narrow entrance because this is equally proactive with the other Singapore Libraries in giving various impressive services to their community.

Their Community Wall tells the productive collaboration they have with community organizations, resident committees, and schools in promoting reading and lifelong learning. This also assures continuous provisions of a diverse range of activities for their patrons. Isn't that charming?

8. Bukit Batok Library

The entrance may not be grand but inside is always a treasure of knowledge and a delightful environment that fosters love for reading, provides digital resources, celebrates family unity, among others.

I hold the utmost respect and admiration for all the people behind the success of Bukit Batok Public Library. Your dedication, artistry, and expertise certainly play a pivotal role to the continuous existence of this lovely library. Thank you! 🙏❤️

9. Woodlands Regional Library

Woodlands Regional Library can give their visitors a welcoming vibe because of the space of their entrance that emanates engaging ambience and techy design.

I am showing in the photo some booklets that serve as compelling evidence of Singapore Libraries’ commitment to providing consistent programs and articles. These materials keep their patrons well informed, up to date, and engaged!

How about a pair of Singapore Airlines tickets to Brisbane and other attractive prizes for the National Reading Challenge! Yes, all they had to do was just to read! Speaking of reading!

Here's my favorite line from this book:

These are well-known cognitive biases called the availability heuristic and the affect heuristic. These hardwired shortcuts to how we think about the world are just a few of the reasons why we all make less than logical decisions about how to minimize risks…
Unfortunately, we live in a media world that is, as research has consistently demonstrated, a risk amplifier and anxiety generator.

Presenting another book that is so interesting and fun to read! Every page of this was really enlightening for a linguistic enthusiast like me. Further, I thank my Singaporean friends for explaining the hardcore Singlish parts of this book to me. I love you, guys!

10. Jurong Regional Library

Another beautiful sight to behold is Jurong Regional Library. This library is walking distance to MRT station, surrounded by shopping malls (i.e., JCube, JEM, Westgate, and IMM), and across from the Genting Hotel. I can say that booking a hotel with a nearby library, like Genting Hotel during your Singapore trip, could give you such an unparalleled experience.

Attention, fellow geeks! Imagine the sheer bliss of seeing the library facade while leisurely swimming in your hotel pool. That could definitely give such immense joy and satisfaction!

Jurong Regional Library is my most frequently visited library. Thanks to their Library Ambassador who gave me pieces of advice on how I can maximize their library services. Also, I love it here because of logistics, friendly ambience, and wide selection of excellent self-help books available.

Moreover, patrons have a range of cozy seating options (photos below, clockwise order): the couch, the floor, a desk chair, or a bean bag chair. Each choice provides a comfortable spot for reading books, unwinding, or simply enjoying the view of their beautiful bookshelves.

One of my unforgettable experiences here - while I was engrossed reading books, my mother (who's in the Philippines) unexpectedly video called me. During our brief and hushed conversation, she had the chance to catch glimpses of the library surroundings. She was also amazed by its charm!

Discover the charm yourself! Visit Singapore now!

Fall in love with Singapore Libraries' enchanting realm.

Delve into the world of knowledge, inspiration, and discovery.

P.S. While all photos were personally taken by yours truly (from 2018-2023), I am forever thankful to my Singaporean friend who, despite her hectic schedule, took my solo shots. Indeed, she is a skilled part-time photographer who is undoubtedly very generous of her time. Thanks, Nonie my dear! 🙏❤️ Thank you, Singapore! 🥰

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