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Once in our lives, our paths crossed.

We had wonderful memories together.

 You inspired me, hence the creation of this website.


What did you enjoy the most about me? Our class? Our time together?

What did you learn that until now you’re still applying?


Let’s share them to the world and prove that learning is beautiful.   

With your words, you can inspire the world.


Enjoy writing! 


Juris Doctor Student/Ateneo De Manila University-School of Law

Angela Mitzi Nazareno

August 7, 2022 at 1:31:07 AM

Good day!

I am a former student of Ms. Edwina Bensal in her subject English for Specific Purpose/Basic Research Skills (ENGLRES) in De La Salle University-Manila. I am writing this letter in the hopes that someday I’ll be able to share how her professionalism and teaching skills have honed, not only my writing, but my research ethics and methods as well. Ms. Edwina, whom we fondly call Ms. Weng, never took attendance in her classes, yet you were always bound to see most of her students present in every meeting. Every class session was fruitful and productive, she ensured that each student’s gaps in writing and research were attended to.

I entered her class confused with all the rigorous rules Research Writing asks of its writers. I left her class more knowledgeable and more appreciative of what research has to offer in various industries. Ms. Edwina embodied excellence both in demonstrating her research writing skills and in imparting these practices and wisdom to her students. Her patience was unmatched with all the consultations I had with her regarding my outputs. Her attention to detail pushed me to question what I had originally thought was enough. Her standard in teaching is one of the reasons I can pursue my own ambitions and present the skills I have learned from her even after being her student way back in 2016. Up to this day, I always go back to her lectures and notes and share them with colleagues and friends who need tips in their research skills. I’ve recommended her several times to my fellow Lasallians who were about to take ENGLRES.

Ms. Edwina Bensal’s personality and skills are the perfect combination one could ask for in a teacher/mentor. I know that whatever Ms. Bensal decides to pursue, she is deserving as she has created students eligible for standards set by multiple companies and universities in the country.

Angela Mitzi Nazareno


College Student, DLSU-Manila

Kim Bueza

July 25, 2022 at 11:05:19 PM

The way that Ms. Wina analyzed and commented on my work, has been an important part of my improvement. I used to have professors that harshly criticized my choice of words, since I tend to unconsciously shift from formal to informal speech. I wasn’t clear with my statements sometimes, or I had grammar mistakes. And ever since then, I have been anxious every time that I have to write something. Ms. Wina brought back my comfort when it came to writing. The tone that the professor gave me whenever she would consult me has always been understanding, calm, and excited. She knows that I have more potential and that she’s excited to see what else I am capable of.

When it came to grades, I learned that just because I might be wrong in my wording or if I am grammatically incorrect doesn't mean that it’s the end of the world. I grew with every feedback and was glad that I was acknowledged by her with my improvements. It was a good feeling when I saw that with just a few revisions, that my grades would increase. It not only provided me with confidence but an awareness of what I can avoid in future papers.

I think that Gepcomm and Ms. Wina effectively taught me the essence of purposive communication through the lectures and demonstrations of the teacher herself. The way that she interacts with the students boosted our confidence and allowed us to excel in each task.

I’d like to say that Ms. Wina is an individual that demonstrates the effectiveness of purposive communication and that those that she taught have been part of the results. I hope everyone in my class and those under Ms. Wina felt the same as I have.

I was comfortable with the system she had, and I was able to improve at my own pace. In my two years at De La Salle University, I haven’t had this much motivation and I’d like to thank Ms. Wina for it. I feel as though I can bring back the high school part of me that was inspired and motivated to continue through school years.

I will apply Diametric Motivational Approach (DMA) when it comes to interacting with others, but most especially to my little sister that I often tutor. I don’t want her to suddenly lose confidence in herself as she grows and moves up grade levels. I’m aware that it will get harder for her now that she’s nearing 6th grade and I want to help her transition through grade levels with the help of DMA and what Ms. Wina had taught me.

Ms. Wina, I will never forget you or the lessons you've taught me and my GEPCOMM class.

I hope that many will be inspired and will not hesitate in asking for your guidance.

I hope to see you soon in the campus. Thank you and take care!

Kimberly Bueza



Von Billones

February 12, 2022 at 4:03:10 AM

Wow!!! MISS, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AMAZING TERM!!! I CANNOT FIND THE RIGHT ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE YOU!!! BUT YOU ARE SOO!!! UGH!! I am very blessed to experience your rich pedagogy! I love you, Miss!!!

I am claiming positive energy, Miss! I hope that you will be my instructor again! I am so attached to your teaching methods and, of course, to your delightful messages! Grabe, Miss! Our journey together has been a remarkable one.

There were many twists and turns, but we made it until the end! We are so powerful! We are so inspiring! We are so blessed for being the person we are right now! Thank you so much for your service! I do not regret enrolling in this institution with great and inspiring teachers who have supported all of their students to their fullest potential! I am so honored to be part of this and part of your teaching career!

Undoubtedly, every moment I spent with you has contributed to my success today and in the future! Thank you, Miss, for the opportunities you have given me! You have nourished me with utter determination to be myself and be proud of my capabilities flavorfully! I feel awesome right now being reminded that an impeccable mentor will miss me.

If ever that you will not be my professor in term 3, of course, there will be moments of contemplation about missing your voice, your lectures, your words, not to mention the meticulous organization of our Canvas! Miss, you encapsulate what a teacher must be: engaging, empathetic, and energized.

You ENGAGE your students most captivatingly through empowering messages and easy-to-understand lessons! They are so interactive and insightful! You are an effective teacher. Thank you for giving us lessons that we will store for a long time just what you have been saying - the beauty of the Growth Mindset Theory. Through hard work and dedication, pieces of cake will be served!

You EMPATHIZE with us, your students, by understanding our various sentiments. That is why, most of us feel warm and connected when reaching out to you. Some would feel intimidated, but MOST would feel comfortable, and that includes me! You feel us, and you put yourself in our shoes! I thank you for that! THANK YOU, MISS! Thank you for letting us rest when we need to and sometimes giving us simple yet effective activities.

You ENERGIZE us with your pure messages and adorations. Do you know, Miss, that every time you praise my classmates and me, I honestly clap and feel so much energy and gratitude for you! You are changing us! Thank you, Miss, for treating us the best way! With all the messages that we have exchanged together, the most flamboyant line that I have always embedded in my intellect and heart is when you said:

“We all have the liberty to choose what we will feel and what we we will undergo. You are not answerable to other people’s struggles. Please know that the true essence of education is liberty. So be free from what they will think about you and be happy with who you are, and with the praises that are given to you”.

The power of these words is mesmerizing. I wish to carry it in my life as a student to be more confident with my capabilities, to be more unrestricted from thinking about other people's opinions about me, and to be myself. This is such an opportunity for me to appreciate that I can grow more and that there are many more improvements to come!

I really do not intend to make this long, but, haha, I can't help myself! So much positivity you impart to me and to all of your students! Congratulations to my classmates and to you, Miss, for guiding us to reach this point! We love you! 💓❤️Keep up the zealousness of contributing to the success of many Lasallians!

For the last one, I learned for two terms with you that inspiring one another equates to succeeding together, and that's what education must be!

Thank you, Miss! I will never get tired of appreciating you!! I am always grateful to be your student.

It has been my pleasure to be your student!

May God bless you more! STAY SAFE! SEE YOU!!!



DLSU College Student

Paula Francesca Pulido

February 9, 2022 at 3:20:22 AM

Dear Ms. Wina,

Thank you for a memorable and enjoyable class. I feel I learned a lot from your class that I will carry with me indefinitely. I looked forward to the 7:30 am Monday classes because of you. Your passion in your work is awe-inspiring. More than what you taught me academically, I wanted to say thank you for caring. I already wrote this in the reflection but I wanted to reach out and personally thank you. I'm so thankful to have been in your class.

Something that made your class stand out was that the good that was being done by the class was emphasized instead of the mistakes. In my experience, usually mistakes are emphasized as they frustrate educators that those mistakes are repeated despite the reminders. Personally, I do not like that approach as it made me feel humiliated. Your approach was different, and I feel it was more effective. I felt the urge to try instead of to hide away. I enjoyed seeing who was the fastest to submit and who had the best work. It was a comforting additional affirmation to the work the class was doing. The way comments were given in class made it so our hard work was not downplayed, but where we should improve was made clear. I also greatly appreciated that you cared for the success of every student in the class and often gave us tips on how to avoid common errors.

Towards the end of the class, I carelessly made a mistake when submitting a revised version of my work. I was told of the consequences it could and should have brought, but I was still passed for that assignment. I was upset because of my carelessness but also grateful for the kindness you extended to me. I am extremely grateful to you. Despite the mistakes I made, I feel I learned the most in this class. By the end, I believe my desire to try is greater than my fear of failure.

Reflecting on my time in our class, I realize that I am now better able to handle criticism. I now know
comments on how I can improve are for my benefit and not out of malicious intent. I can look at my work and improve it without belittling myself. I believe I am better able to apply corrections. Although my improvement as a writer is not primarily through technical aspects, the way the class has urged me to improve mentally is the most important thing I will carry with me throughout my academic and future career.

Thank you for all your efforts to help the class improve holistically.

Paula Francesca "Ces" Pulido


DLSU College Student

Alicia Torres

February 8, 2022 at 3:58:51 AM

Hi, Miss!

I didn't get to say much a while ago but I really wanted to express my gratitude to you as you have been one of the kindest and most compassionate professors I have ever encountered. I truly appreciate everything that you have done not just for me, but for the whole class. I truly hope that I will have another opportunity to be part of your class.

One thing that made my morning classes fun and engaging was your bright and bubbly personality. You are a rare gem in the teaching industry as one can feel the love and effort you put through in your presentations and consultations. Your personality shines through, especially during these times where we just sit all day in class, because you have a very engaging way of teaching. The best part of the course where the times you engage in a playful banter with my fellow students as it lets your bubbly personality shine through. The most accurate way to describe it would be that you are very loving and motherly. You actively check up on our well-being and share your life stories to us. Listening to you is never boring because you have great storytelling skills. Overall, it feels like we are listening to a longtime friend or an older sister. If I ever get the chance to have you in another subject, I would whole-heartedly do so in a heartbeat.

Also, consultation periods with you are unforgettable as you are the only professor that I know of, that have consultation periods every week. You do a fantastic job at actively communicating and giving feedback to our homework and going so far to help us revise it. I remember during one of our consultation periods, I was so shocked at the amount of effort and detail your constructive criticisms were and how hands-on you were at guiding us with our paper. There was even a time where you actually wrote our own thesis statement for us, so we can be guided properly. It just goes to show that you love to help and witness us improve our writing skills.

I must admit that there were times where I felt like I had underperformed in our class due to my own shortcomings of failing to follow instructions or failing to submit on time. Thankfully, you are always considerate enough to extend the deadlines of the revisions whenever you notice that we are struggling with keeping up with the deadlines. In fear of inconveniencing you, I make sure to give my 100% in improving my own work. I felt guilty whenever I submit essay that was rushed and unpolished because you gave us more than enough time to finish our works, yet I failed to submit a well-written paper. I envied those who submitted early and got a perfect grade, yet it motivated me to be more active in this class. Witnessing them thrive in our class reminded me of how much improvement I could do with my time management skills, especially that many of my classmates were performing in our class better than I do. I tried my best to analyze my past works and revise accordingly and thankfully, I could see the improvement in my performances and grades.

Another thing that I readily anticipate during our class would be your positive comments about our presentation and paper. I admire how you never fail to call attention to each student’s uniqueness and creative capabilities and encourage us to utilize those strengths in our papers. You are also never short in handling out compliments especially to those who readily follow your instructions. You never fail short in giving praises to those who have great leadership capabilities.

Lastly, a unique attribute of our class would be your monthly or weekly announcements where the top performing students were acknowledged for their efforts. Even if I was not one of those people, I still feel happy for the others who excelled at their work as they were recognized for their hard work. I was pleased to hear that the students who excelled in class were also the ones who actively participated in class and continuously seek your help to improve their work. For students like me, I tend to view it as a healthy competition between and among my fellow classmates to do our outmost best in our subject and never view it in a negative light. It only made me realize on how harder I must work to be on par with them and to never compromise my work. It only goes to show that one’s hard work will be noticed when one pours their heart and soul into it.

Thank you, Miss and I hope that you have a great day 💖


De La Salle University - Manila

Gail Dee

November 14, 2021 at 7:52:38 AM

To the professor who gave me confidence to do what I do today,

I can't believe it's been 4 years since you became my professor for OralComm! I was grade 11 back then, and very introverted (nanginginig pa nga for presentations haha!). But because of your passion to impart your knowledge with us, I thought "Miss believes in our capabilities, so bakit ako matatakot and mahihiya?" Maybe for others, OralComm was just another subject they needed to pass to graduate but for me, OralComm was a subject that I knew would help me grow and develop my skills, and it did!

Little story time for the people who will be visiting here! My first presentation for OralComm was about a person who was close to my heart (yes, WAS dahil people come and go charot!). Syempre, in my mind naisip ko "Would Ms. Edwina approve of my topic?". When I presented my topic to her (with matching nahihiya pa!), she gladly told me na this could work! That my topic is different and unique from others but it needs improvement. I revised my presentation to what Miss had suggested and got a go signal from her that my topic is approved! I practiced with all my heart for the presentation, I did not want to disappoint Miss because she trusted me with a presentation that is out of the ordinary. Fast forward to the day that I presented, I was VERY NERVOUS. My hands were shaking, my throat felt like it was drier than the Sahara Desert, and my sweat, well sabihin nalang natin na parang na-sprayan ako ng tubig sa mukha haha! But then I saw Miss smiling at me and that's when I felt the confidence rise up. I finished my speech and said "Thank you!" and to my surprise come grading day, Miss gave me a 100 and told me that I had done well! One of the best memories I have of SHS :) However, I needed to improve and Miss was there throughout it all! Her advice and insights were different from the usual, she would thoroughly explain to me the aspects that she thought were good and the aspects that needed to be polished. I never once felt like my ideas were rejected, and for that I am grateful. She let me be myself. She let me be creative as much as I can. She believed in me.

Now that I'm in my 3rd year in college, I had so much confidence and trust in myself that I am never afraid to experience new things. I would always think of Ms. Edwina every time I would get nervous because she is one of the people that truly believes in my potential. She is also one of the people who honed my skills to become a student leader.

To the students who will be reading this, we are blessed to have been given the opportunity to be one of Ms. Edwina's students. She is more than a mentor to us, she is a friend (and to some a loving and caring mother!). She never forgets a student (sure yan! ako tumanda na sa DLSU pero love na love pa din niya haha!)

Ms Edwina, I do not have the words to express how grateful I am to have you in my life. Your positive energy always put me in a good mood! You radiate sunshine! Your random messages make me smile and pushes me to carry on with life's challenges. :) Thank you for guiding me in everything that I do. Thank you for seeing rainbows in me when I saw storms. I know that you will never be gone from my life because you already hold a special place in my heart.

Much love for you, Miss Edwina! I can't wait to see you again after the pandemic! I love you!

Love, Gail. ❤️


Reply to Ms. Kylene Du

Edwina R. Bensal

October 11, 2021 at 4:19:07 AM

Mami Ky! 🥰😍😘

First and foremost, not many students can easily juggle their academic responsibilities, especially during this time. All the more being able to be manage the needs of their family members and/or classmates. You, on the other hand, would always allot time to help them. So, I want to thank you again for being a great example to your classmates and to the Tropa. I also want to congratulate you for being thoughtful and generous of your time and resources. You are not just kind to your family but to your classmates as well. Thank you so much! May you remain loving and thoughtful wherever you go and whatever you do.

Second, I can see that you can achieve more. I can also see that you will be able to inspire many more people. So continue to be optimistic and polite…as you already are! 💚

Third, I want to tell you again how proud I am of you guys. I hope many more teachers and students would feel and see your kindness and diligence! I also hope that the beautiful relationship we built during the short time that was given to us will also be shared to your next classes or to the next group of people you guys will meet.

I really am thankful to all your help and assistance to us during our term. Thank you very much! 💖🙏

God bless! Stay safe, healthy, pretty, and happy!

Love always,
Ms. Wina


Vice President, ABM 11B-DLSU-SHS-IS

Kylene Du

October 11, 2021 at 3:51:27 AM

Good day, Ma'am Edwina!

I want to thank you for being such a kind, supportive, and loving teacher. Your energy and presence in the class make learning a lot easier and more fun and me and my tropa very much appreciate it.

You have easily become one of my favorite teachers, and I find it quite sad that you are only able to teach us for this term. But, I hope we get to meet when face-to-face classes can begin, even if it is just for a short period of time.

Thank you for all the encouragement that you have given the class, I'm sure that we will never forget it.

Thank you again and hope to see you when face-to-face classes start!

Kylene Du


Reply to Mr. Von Billones

Edwina R. Bensal

October 8, 2021 at 12:31:37 AM

My dearest Von,

You left me speechless with your very endearing letter. Hence, I am just replying now. ✌💗

I am still getting my energy back from the flu. With your letter, it definitely sent the warm love that eased my tired body. My favorite part of it is when you mentioned your parents smiling. I was teary eyed. They deserve all the love and assurance that they are doing great in raising you. I thank them and all your previous teachers for molding you to be the person you are now.

YOU ARE THE TYPE OF STUDENT THAT WOULD BE WISHED BY MANY PROFESSORS TO HAVE. You definitely know how to stand out! Let me tell you three ways that make you like the salt of the earth.

HAND. Imagine!!! You are the only student who came back here to post another letter. You are the first ever student who contributed to my advocacy twice! In reference to your first post, you said that it was your honor to be part of this. And! You definitely walk the talk. To an even greater degree, you embody the essence of this page – to prove that “learning is beautiful” and “with your words, you can inspire the world.” YOU ARE SUPERB! 😍

To all intents and purposes, together, this should be our advocacy if we really want our country to burgeon. It should be our continuous effort to positively inspire one another towards a much better world.

HEART. You are just a new student in our school but you immediately made a remarkable impression. You made a name that I will never forget in the history of my teaching career – TOP 1 in our class for two reasons – you excelled in all our tasks and your virtues are so intact! Because, you have the heart to trust and respect me, the other people, and the process. If only we could post all our exchanges here – the world would see more how big your heart is. YOU ARE SPECTACULAR! 😍😍

My friends were also dazzled by you! In fact, one of my Singaporean friends who is a manager in Changi Airport even said that your writing style is similar to hers. You are a very promising student! I can see you flourish more!

HEAD. Your edge with the other students is that you don’t easily get flustered. You are always levelheaded and unassuming. In the same manner, you know that there are more things that you have to learn and you also know that you have more things to offer. Meaning, you have your own style yet you are open-minded. So, quietly and productively, you worked - not for the grades or acknowledgment BUT because you are always hungry for knowledge. You aspire to be the best version of yourself; hence, you invest time and energy. YOU ARE SUPREME! 😍😍😍

One of the many things I will never forget, while many of your classmates were in a panic mode because of the final task, you were done with it. What more, you already ACED your FINAL TASK! However, you still attended the consultation and you quietly observed and digested my explanation to your classmates who needed guidance. Putting my observations together, I see you as a careful visionary who does not easily settle. That is the reason why I told you before that you have all the traits of a great leader.

My dearest Von, you know how to focus on your strengths. With that, there is nothing you cannot do! So keep striving! Keep thriving! Keep inspiring! 💖

Above all, continue offering to our LORD everything that you think, say, and do. For without HIM, we are nothing. 🙏💗

Allow me to end this letter by expressing my profuse gratitude to you. You made the entire Term 1 a "HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY" to me. THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST, MY LOVES! 💗😘

Cheers to our future meet up! 🥂😍

Love always,
Ms. Wina

P.S. Please hug your parents for me. 🙏🤗


De La Salle University - Senior High School and Integrated School - Student

Von Billones

October 7, 2021 at 5:43:38 AM

"Appreciation Message to a loving, caring, and stunning mentor, Ms. Wina"

Dear Ms. Wina,

One can say that being a teacher is an exhausting and challenging profession. However, being a teacher can be one of the most beautiful professions in the world. The reasons are plausible. Teachers have the power to change the lives of an individual, have the capability to shape one's perspectives in life, and of course, have the luxury to receive myriad messages from their students during special occasions, such as today, Teacher's Day. This message is like an extension of the prior one because why would I deprive you of the acclaim and recognition you deserve? Like you are always saying, you do not deprive your students of the praises they deserve, which helped me be more grateful.

Nonetheless, I am embracing this chance to greet you, Miss! Of course, why would I let this day go by without acknowledging one of my favorite teachers? Happy Teacher's Day, Miss Wina! On this day, I would like to highlight your wonderful attitudes that are continually influencing my life.

The first one is your DETERMINATION to teach. You have been very dedicated to empowering us in doing our best by giving estimable lessons and activities that benefited me improve my speaking and writing abilities. Your perpetual grit and zest for education paved the way for victories that I, myself, never expected in the first place. Indeed, Miss, you are a matchless mentor.

The second one is your KINDNESS. I can not exaggerate more about how kind and sweet you are. You supervise your students in such a very professional yet most easygoing way possible. You made every session meaningful and memorable; you value every moment you spend with your students; you see us, not only as your students but also as your friends. I remember when you said in our class orientation that when we are not familiar with our classmates and do not have that many friends since all is new in my case, you said that you could be our friend. When those words came, I was impressed and felt at peace and relaxed. Your friendly approach to all of your students gave most of us these feelings of having a friend/teacher/mother that we can go along with and lean our backs on when times got rough. I am so amazed by those.

Lastly, is your never-ending LOVE and words of encouragement to me, and of course, to my classmates. It is one of your most extraordinary attitudes, Miss. Your words are so impactful. I recall the day when I was in a bad mood, I do not remember why I was experiencing that, but when I received a notification on Canvas stating that you had commented in one of my works, in just a snap after reading it, your comment changed my entire mood. It made me so happy! I am also the kind of student that is very open to my parents when it comes to my accomplishments in life because why would I not let them know my achievements in the first place, considering that they are the ones that made those accomplishments possible? With that, my parents were so proud of me. I am always saying to them that you frequently recognized our parents for raising us properly. They are always smiling when I am saying those words to them. Miss, you made me happy and the ones behind my success, my dearest parents. I am constantly stunned by your words and leave me speechless for a moment when you encourage me, and I am always grateful for those.

Again, Happy Teacher's Day, Miss! I will always be proud that you have been one of my educators. Keep transforming the lives of many students! All that we do and will reach successfully relating to Oral Communication in Context will not be possible without your help. Your efforts, dedication, and kindness will always remain in our hearts and minds. I am not sure you will be my mentor in the future. Hopefully, I am manifesting that you will be again. I also hope that we will meet soon personally and have a chat together. That would be great! I will know you better, and of course, you will know me better! Haha! Stay safe as always, Miss!



Reply to Ms. Francheska Brigola

Edwina R. Bensal

October 6, 2021 at 2:45:47 PM

Aaaaawww Francheska, my dear!

Thank you for this very precious gift. 🙏💗 My gratitude goes to your parents too for bringing you up to be a thoughtful, transparent, and teachable individual. These traits are all manifested during our term and in the lovely letter you posted here.

First off, your thoughtfulness is admirable. You could have not posted anything here especially that the term is already over and we may not see each other (whether virtual or in real time) anymore. Instead, you could have have just enjoyed and savored your vacation away from any gadgets or academic-related stuff. You could have just celebrated your ‘Me Time’ watching Netflix, reading a novel, or sleeping in your comfy bed. BUT, you decided to spend time writing a thorough, genuine, and delightful letter. This really brightened my day and lifted my soul. As Robin Sharma said, “remember that the happiest people are not getting more, but those giving more. Thank you for giving more. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, my dear. You made my Teachers’ Day 2021 celebration perfect! 😍😘

Subsequently, transparency is honesty. A person who is honest can be direct – precisely, your strength as a writer. You were able to write this letter so smoothly and clearly because you wrote from the heart. You were honest enough to admit your fear, weakness, and dislike. You were all out stating your perspective about our class, the subject, and your observation. Further, you mentioned your change of heart which for me is a sign of humility and simplicity. It is true that an honest heart produces an honest action. Why did I say that?

Because despite your negative feelings or apprehensions, you took time to process them properly. For this reason, you were able to correctly fulfill our class undertakings and reach your full potential. Needless to say, you epitomize the trait of a lifelong learner – being teachable. You appreciate corrective feedback and you know what to do with them. You embraced the compliments and you worked on your weaknesses. That made you outstanding in the test of life (where some of your classmates missed that point).

With that, I thank you so much for recognizing my patience and hard work. I persevered despite the misunderstanding because I reckoned the fact that there were many upright students like you in the class.

Anyway, I hope that your classmates will remember that leaders are supposed to be peacemakers and that helping and supporting a classmate must be done correctly. There are many ways to do this, like suggesting reviewing the lessons, giving points for improvement, and recommending a consultation with the teacher.

Oh by the way, before I end this missive, I want to tell that you are such a beauty (inside and out) and brain! I think you can be our next Bb. Pilipinas. Seriously! 😘😍

Well, I can go on and on. There are still many good things I can tell about you. But, I hope you will always remember that I cherish you as well, my dear Francheska. I will never forget you and your works. Most importantly, despite this pandemic virtual situation, I am very elated that you have felt the love and care I tried to send you. 💗💗💗

I love you and I will miss you! I hope to see you soon when the pandemic is over. Please take care and continue to be the best person you already are!

Love always,
Ms. Wina

P.S. I am sorry for my late reply. I have been under the weather due to migraine and flu.


An Average Senior High Student at DLSU Laguna

Francheska Brigola

October 5, 2021 at 5:01:25 AM

Warm greetings, Miss Wina! Just somebody passing by to say hello on World Teachers’ Day. 😊

First of all, as everybody here has said: thank you, very much. It was a challenging, yet meaningful experience being your student for the first term.

To be frank, I initially expected Oral Communications to be a subject I’d loathe— frightening, discouraging, and uncomfortable. I’m saying this as a person who absolutely dislikes public speaking and doesn’t have that much confidence in their abilities as a speaker. Pessimistically, I was also prepared to experience unfavorable situations during the course.

Fortunately (and ironically), you changed that view for me. Your bubbly energy, enthusiasm, and approachable demeanor convinced me from the start that I could feel at ease during my time in OCC. In every lecture, I felt your passion for your teachings, and that’s what captivated me to listen to you and appreciate every session. May I add that you even took the time to be casual with your students? I like how you saw us beyond a professional level, and it made us feel more welcomed that you’re willing to connect with your pupils. That’s what made your subject less intimidating for me.

I’m blown away and ever grateful for your dedication to your students; you treat every individual with much love and attention, and I believe that brought the best out of all of us. Every feedback, reply, consultation session, and compliment— my god, the compliments— were intricately fleshed out and provided more than expected. Heck, I have never come across a teacher that gives out comments like that! That detailedness proved to be helpful in our development to become better speakers, and beyond that, thinkers with a broader perspective. I came into your class believing I was a decent-enough writer and a creative-enough somebody, but you’ve redefined those aspects for me and bettered my approach in creating outputs.

You’ve instilled a stronger drive for excellence in us, Miss— I like how you’ve given us the inspiration to reach greater heights.

Additionally, besides just acknowledging the flaws in our performance, you’ve also shedded light on our strengths. You empowered these positives and reminded us that everyone has a “secret weapon” deep within to sharpen and wield. Not only have your criticisms helped us maximize our potential, your affirmations did, too. Personally speaking, I actually felt more confident as an orator whenever you highlighted the things I did well on.

Miss, I remember that you and my section had some misunderstandings here and there, but I’m surprised that you’ve remained patient with us as always and still looked forward to our growth. I believe you embody the true meaning of a mentor, and that’s what makes you a memorable professor.

God bless your heart and may the next section under your care cherish you as much as I do.

With love,
Francheska 💛


Reply to Mr. Alonzo G.

Edwina R. Bensal

October 5, 2021 at 4:03:38 AM

My dearest Alonzo,

Astonishing! 😍😍😍

Your letter took me by surprise! I thought with the countless kind words that you both wrote down and said to me (during and even after our term), we would never have exchanges like this again. What is more! You remembered me on this very special day! Thank you very much! I am truly moved and delighted by your generous gesture.

You are truly a student with so many surprises. Speaking of, you are one of those students who undoubtedly inspired and impressed me with the improvement you showed most especially with your ISV manuscript. That's perseverance! After reading it, I wanted to shout to the whole world how proud I am of you and your work! I even watched your video three times and talked about it to my colleague-friends. I am just so proud of how you enriched your speech! I am forbye thrilled to talk about your attitude and growth to my next group of students! Your ingenuity is indeed worth emulating!

What is so amazing! You read a part of the book (by David Eagleman)I suggested! And you were able to amalgamate your own ideas, what you read, and what I suggested in your ISV manuscript! It takes maturity to do it all and to still remember it until now! And yes to William Wordsworth’s! 💗😍

I hope what happened in our class would teach many students to focus on the game of learning and not on the scoreboard because fixation on grades will just limit their full potential. The joy of learning will make all students see the difference between quantity and quality, fixed mindset and growth mindset to which they will choose the second (quality and growth).

MY DEAR ALONZO, AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I will continue teaching with passion and dedication because of you – because of students like you who are receptive and who always go the extra mile.

I hope to see you soon! For now, stay safe, healthy, and happy! God bless!

Ms. Wina

P.S. I love the photo you chose! You are so cute! Undeniably! 😍💖

P.P.S. I wish that you will always have a Happy Birthday! You are a blessing in this world! Continue spreading love and inspiration!


~A Teachers’ Day Greeting to a Genuinely Zealous Educator~

Alonzo G.

October 5, 2021 at 3:33:02 AM

Dear Ms. Wina,


Thank you for teaching me not just about oral communication in context, but also values in life. From the first meeting to the last, you undeniably gave your all in educating us. There’s so many things I could mention from each session, from how you taught us about the real value of Turnitin—it was my number one fear in English class during JHS—to when you explained the interesting scientific bases for your method of teaching.

It definitely wasn’t the smoothest ride when it came to our section, but fortunately, the misunderstandings were cleared up during the last meeting, which was also the most memorable for me due largely to the fact that it was going to be the last time I would have a synchronous session for a class which piqued my interest and drove me to brush up on my communication skills. I am also glad to have made the choice to stay behind after the last session for a consultation, because aside from thorough comments on how to improve my work (specifically the ISV manuscript), we were also able say our personal farewells “face-to-face” online and close the class with that sense of finality which I rarely get in online classes, because the last meeting is usually just reminders for the final project—no goodbyes, no thank you’s.

Though contact was limited due to the pandemic, you still made an excellent effort in educating us, pointing out our areas for improvement and being accommodating enough to hold consultations that lasted for hours (over 3 hours, I believe!). This pandemic made life feel like a 24-hour loop, but it was your passion for teaching that made 9:15 AM every Monday worth anticipating.

Once again, thank you, Ms. Wina! Please continue to inspire your students to develop a love for learning, and to give them lessons that go beyond the four nonexistent walls of a Zoom class, where teachers usually only give lessons to the 30 or more silent profile pictures that they can only hope are listening behind the screens.

P.S. I shall begin reading some of William Wordsworth’s works soon, as you mentioned him to me during the mock interview.

P.P.S. Sorry for any grammatical errors. Hahaha!


Reply to Ms. Ariane Stephanie Tan

Edwina R. Bensal

October 5, 2021 at 12:40:38 AM

Dear Ariane,

Thank you for your kind words! Thank you for one wonderful and successful term! 😍💖 Yay!

Reading your letter again and again, I am all smiles. Your attention to detail is one of the your strongest skills. With your letter, it is obvious how you attentively listened during our synchronous lessons. My instinct is right; you are always focused and at the same time receptive. You are undeniably our class TOP 1 for innumerable reasons.

Aside from your work being thoroughly done, you also physically prepared for our major tasks by wearing appropriate attire – from demonstration speech to mock interview to the final task of informative speech video. Everything was excellently done! Congratulations, my dear Ariane! 😍👍

Just like what I already mentioned to you, you are the most charming of all. Your smile reflects sincerity and kindness. Every time I see you, I wanna hug you. Please remain kind and sweet. Embrace all your good traits and influence people with your diligence and dedication towards what is right and important. Continue to persevere and to make us all proud.

Always remember the prompt I gave you, “laugh at yourself before others beat you to it.” In life, we will commit many mistakes, challenges, and shortcomings. Always find the beauty in these situations and smile! Because life is beautiful if we will always count our blessings, so beat others by making them see that life is awesome!

I and the Tropa will always be here for you! We will definitely meet up soon!

Love always,
Ms. Wina


Senior High School Student at De La Salle University-Manila

Ariane Stephanie Tan

October 4, 2021 at 9:02:38 AM

Good day, Miss Wina!

I would also like to thank you for an exciting term! In our first meeting, you were so enthusiastic, and I immediately fell in love with your energy; it made everyone smile.

I also greatly appreciate the sound effects you make from time to time. They were the best and made the class a lot more fun. You are one of the best teachers I've had, and I hope I get the chance to be your student once more.

My tropa and I would surely miss you, and we hope to see you on campus soon!

Again, thank you for everything, Miss! We appreciate all the work you've done for us, and we promise never to let you down. Stay safe and healthy! God bless!

Lots of love,


Reply to Ms. Anne Kristen Ting

Edwina R. Bensal

October 4, 2021 at 1:19:18 AM

Dear Kristen,

First thing, the feeling is mutual. I also find you beautiful and fantastic! It’s true that birds of the same feather flock together! 😂🤭✌

Seriously speaking, you are beautiful inside and out! 💗😍

I am also very thankful for your patience and dedication. You submitted works that were thoroughly and brilliantly done. That’s always one of the best compliments students can give to their professors. Among the three major tasks we had, it was your mock interview/impromptu that I relished the most because your spontaneous answers validated the richness of your mind and the kindness of your heart. I especially love when you mentioned God in your life! That was really heartwarming! 🙏💗

Moreover, I remember when you said that you have always been an officer (student council officer). Actually you are not just an officer, you are an effective and efficient leader. You have shown these wonderful traits of a leader by being the best student, a great friend, and a thoughtful classmate.

You are a gem in myriad ways! Your dancing has honed you to be disciplined and dedicated. Your parents have brought you up to be a conscientious and honest individual (please don’t forget to thank and congratulate your parents for a love well done). We need more of you in this world, so continue spreading love and inspiration!

Although our time together was really short, it will always be considered one of the best! Thank you for a wonderful term! Definitely, your next professors and new classmates will cherish you because of your unassuming yet very thoughtful traits. I really hope this pandemic will end very soon so we can see each other and have a fun bonding time around the campus!

Lastly, I also appreciate your sincerity from the bottom of my heart and soul! You are one of my sweetest blessings this term! Thank you very much! You will always be in my heart! God bless!

Stay safe, healthy, cheerful, and grounded!

Love always,
Ms. Wina

P.S. You will always be our Universal Urban Dancer! 💗😍


De La Salle University - Senior High School Student

Anne Kristen Ting

October 4, 2021 at 1:00:20 AM

Good day to our beautiful Miss Wina!

I would like to thank you for a great term! You have been the most patient and fantastic teacher we could have ever asked for! For that, we will surely miss you and your enthusiasm. Your next batch of students is undoubtedly lucky to have you as their professor!

Entering a new school meant that I had to adjust to a new environment. It was scary at first, but teachers like you who show kindness and sincerity are why I choose to focus on enjoying the whole journey and process. I genuinely hope we get to see you around the campus and catch up then.

Again, thank you for everything, Miss! We appreciate you and all your sacrifices! Don't forget to rest, stay hydrated and healthy!

We love you very much! God bless!



Reply to Mr. Von Billones

Edwina R. Bensal

September 30, 2021 at 5:00:05 AM

Dearest Von,

You have inspired me and your classmates with your attitude of perseverance and kindness. This letter then again proves how big your heart is and how your parents have brought you up to be grounded and grateful. Just like what I already told you, your classmates have seen the beauty of your character and I hope they will be able to put it into practice.

Yes, your classmates admire you that they even included their admiration to you in their reflection papers. You really deserve the TOP 1 rank in our Oral Communication in Context class. Congratulations, Von! And more power!

Always remember what I told you before about the real essence of education. I also want to add that high grades are just numbers if virtues are not evident at all. You already have both - high grades and high moral standards. So don't let anyone or anything snatch it away from you.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories we shared together! You have always been one of the students who makes me smile and makes me excited to teach! Indeed, it has been my pleasure teaching you, my dear Von! I know you will go far! Do not forget all the good values you have picked up along the way.

I will always be here in case you need me.

Love always,
Ms. Wina


De La Salle University - Senior High School and Integrated School - Student

Von Billones

September 30, 2021 at 4:51:05 AM

{Letter of Gratitude}

Dear Ms. Wina,

I just received your announcement regarding the top 10 best students in our class, and I am ecstatic right now knowing that I have read my name on the top 10. With that, I would like to extend my genuine thankfulness for all the efforts you have exerted during term 1. Since day one, I have relished each class and looking forward to Mondays to engage with you and listen to your lessons.

I appreciate every hint of perseverance and patience you have bestowed in our section; even though some concerns arose, we still got through with them, thanks to your constructive criticisms. You did make us not only critical thinkers but you also shaped our attitudes.

I know have been saying this a lot of times but again I thank you so much, Miss! I am grateful for all the guidance, encouragement, and teachings you have conferred and provided me. I will forever be thankful for all of those. They will always have a special place in my heart.

Again, this may sound cliche, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Miss!

It is a great honor for me to be part of your website (advocacy), and to be your student/child!

Thank you so much, Miss! May God bless you more with good health and more success in your life!

Von 💖


Reply to Ms. Samantha Echiverri

Edwina R. Bensal

September 20, 2021 at 2:01:43 PM

Sam, my darling dear! 😂😍

First and foremost, I thank you for being THE BEST PRESIDENT that a Senior High School class could have. You know how to be the bridge that connects the teacher and the class smoothly, politely, and productively. I know it is difficult to be an officer, all the more so being the president. It makes it even harder because it is pandemic and everything is done online. We were only able to see each other once a week. We barely knew each other because most of the time we only communicated through Canvas Inbox. On top of all that, you had numerous academic requirements that you had to accomplish. But you were always levelheaded – prudent and practical. A true Lasallian leader! 😍💚

Second, thank you very much for being my co-host during our last meeting. We really had a blast! Well, I really had a blast! Thanks to you and to the entire class! May you all bring that wonderful bonding time we had wherever you guys go and may you continue to share happiness and love to others. 🙏❤

Third, thank you for being an unassuming student. Because of this, you respected that my corrective feedback was given to help you become a better speaker. Because of this, you followed and addressed the corrective feedback I gave to every task we had. Because of this, you always submitted stellar works. I remember during the Mock Interview/Impromptu session, even though your internet connection was really bad, you had a great fight! You did not make your poor internet connection the reason for you to skip or mismanage that activity. We are so proud of you! 💚

Lastly, thank you very much for all the kind words you wrote here and for representing your class once again! Please know that I am always here for you and the whole class. I will never forget you all!

Love always,
Ms. Wina

P. S. I know it is hard to be a student, to be a class president, and to be a celebrity all at the same time but you were able to balance your roles well. Congrats, Shar! 😂😘


President, STEM 11K DLSU-SHS-IS

Samantha Echiverri

September 20, 2021 at 1:41:44 PM

Hi, Ms!!

Thank you for guiding us throughout this journey. Thank you for giving us affirmative words and constructive criticism that made us strive harder and improve our work.

Hearing my classmate's feedback earlier made me appreciate you more and your dedication to our class.

To be honest, I am not that confident about my public speaking and my speaking skills but because of your feedback, I get to appreciate what I am doing and to believe in myself. I can say that I am more confident and I realized my strengths and weaknesses because of this subject. 🤍

Thank u so much, Ms.!! Thank you for believing in me. I appreciate you beyond words can describe.🤍

Thank you for believing in us, Ms.!! We truly appreciate you so so much.

Samantha Echiverri


Reply to Ms. Ma. Michaela Constatino

Edwina R. Bensal

September 20, 2021 at 12:06:25 PM

Hi, MJ! 😍

Thank you very much for your kind words! Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful letter. You once again showed your maturity because by writing here, you agree to be part, to be an advocate, to be an ally of quality education!

Being an ambassadress for the search of truth and an education stakeholder, you are inspiring because even at a young age your morals seem to be deeply rooted. I especially appreciate when you mentioned how you contemplated about the corrective feedback I gave to your works. That only showed your eagerness to play your role as a diligent and conscientious student.

As I already said in the class, I am pretty sure and thankful that you were raised very well by your parents. Contemplative and gratitude are two most important values and only few people are keen on these. You are indeed special!

I am so elated with your letter because you once again gave me a little background about yourself. Hence, reading it gave me a lovely retrospect of your Mock Interview / Impromptu. You were spontaneous and really prepared. I am absolutely certain that all your teachers and parents are so proud of you! I am very proud of you, too! 😘

Please know that I am equally grateful and honored to have had you in my class. You made our OCC class such an enriching experience. Thank you very much, my dear! 💚😘

May God always protect and guide you wherever you go and whatever you do. I am very much sure that you will achieve more as an environmental scientist and as a person in general.

You are a beautiful soul!

Ms. Wina



Michaela Constantino

September 20, 2021 at 11:28:41 AM

Thank you!

Ever since elementary school, English and communication-related subjects have been among my favorites. This is in no small part due to my teachers who guided me even throughout the short period of time we spent.

I'm very grateful and honored to have you as my teacher. From the first class meeting, I could feel your enthusiasm and care to nurture your students into the very best that they can be.

Your critiques were very helpful, albeit sometimes I could not process them well... I'm the kind of person who seems calm on the surface, but in truth I spent quite a few nights staying up and wondering what you meant by your critiques. Yet they helped me to grow, not only as a public speaker, but also as a person.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for the love, care and consideration that you have given us this term.

I wish you all the best, and please continue being an inspiration to students. 💗


Reply to Ms. Susan Ali Mohamed El Hadad

Edwina R. Bensal

September 15, 2021 at 2:25:11 PM

You are always outstanding, Susan! Thank you for your stellarly sweet message. I love you and miss you too very much!

And yes to 4.0! You got it because you worked hard for it. You deserved it 100%. You were the most active student in the class, you were very inquisitive, and you were very helpful to your classmates. I could still remember the on-the-spot tutoring in the class once I asked you guys to write essays or answer English drills. Thank you for being your classmates' constant tutor - for being thoughtful and caring to your classmates and friends. That's the true meaning of quality education - partnership between and among students and the teacher.

I am immensely thankful and proud of the camaraderie we had in our class. Despite the fact that you were all struggling because of the rigid training of being athletes, you all would come to class fresh and motivated. You guys really inspired me because you were all trying very hard to balance academic demands despite the tedious physical training in the court.

Indeed, it takes maturity, discipline, and dedication to surpass all those sleepless nights, muscle pains, homework here and there, and other hurdles in life. But you guys kept yourselves grounded, fighting, and happy. Animo La Salle! 💚We are forever thankful to you guys for giving glory to our dear university.

Oh yeah! I remember that interview. That was really nice of you to choose me for your TRED finals. I will never forget that – we had it on the second floor of Agno Starbucks. Haha 😂🥰 I enjoyed it so much because we got to know each other even more! Thank God that before the pandemic we were able to have that. Or else, I will miss you more!

Again, thank you for always choosing me to be your friend, confidant, ka-chikahan, and yes you are like a daughter to me. Hence, please always take care of yourself. If you need someone, you know that I am always here for you – just call me anytime!

I know you know that I have shown my support to you all the way – acads or personal kaya always cheer up. I am always here for you!💗💚

Also, I am happy that you are much happier now. Keep it alive and burning! 🥰

My loves, thank you so much for dropping by on my website! It is truly lovely to celebrate students like you here. Cheers! 🥂

See you very very soon! Take care as well and enjoy working at your dream television channel.

I love you very much, Susan.

Your second mom,
Ms. Weng



Susan Ali Mohamed El Hadad

September 15, 2021 at 1:00:54 PM

OMG! WHY AM I HERE? HAHAHAHAHA CHOS LANG. Una sa lahat, salamat po sa 4.0 nung college HAHAHAHA Yun talaga yung unforgettable HAHAHAHA

Seryoso na! First of, I really miss you. Not just the class but the random chikahan in the middle of nowhere. I want you to know that you're so beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous <3

What's really admiring about you miss is proving this patriarchal world that we do not need them to be happy or to be successful in life. That we women can stand on our own. I remember interviewing you for my TRED class HAHA (Hulaan niyo nalang anong category).

Aside from that, your are one of my safe havens miss. With you, I can be me, fully me, like 100% me HAHAHAHA Tanggap mo ko mula ulo hanggang paa. I can kwento everything about me, my love life, my family, my friends. I am so lucky to have someone like you in my life. Love you miss!

I do not just consider you as my former professor but also a good friend. A friend that will lead me to the right track, that will be by my side no matter what. CHAR HAHAHA Basta yon! Mahal kita miss!

One thing I can promise is that I will always be here for you. No matter what. As your student, as your sister, as your friend, or gusto mo kahit as your daughter, tutal magkasing-ganda naman tayo HAHAHAHA

Feeling ko naluluha ka now HAHA Marami pa kong utang na kwento btw and I promise to make kwento kapag di na tayo pareho busy HAHA




Reply to Mr. Joshua Delos Reyes

Edwina R. Bensal

August 16, 2021 at 3:55:06 AM

Oh Josh!!! 😍😍😍

I miss you!!!

How have you been? It has been a long time. Please add me to your FB list if you have one, so we can catch up. 🙏💖 I also hope we can meet up once this pandemic is over. It would really be lovely to have a tête-à-tête with you (and with your classmates). I love you guys so much!

Do you remember those times we had lunch together? In the classroom! We would all go down along Gastambide, buy our food, and go up to our classroom to eat together. The word “together” sounded like we were in a big circle or something - but no! We had our own different spots inside the classroom. But the mere fact we were in the same room somehow gave us that special bond. Priceless moment! I think you guys also brought me to a food stall beside the Gastam gate and we ate lunch there. Aaaww… How I miss those times!

Reading your letter makes me really nostalgic. You make my heart so full! 💗 Looking back, it feels just like yesterday.

Regarding research, I know you guys felt that anything about it makes me in love and intense. 😂 That’s why, coming to your classes, especially Research in Language and Literature class, I would get very excited. Automatically! Oh gosh! That was 2013! Now, I am more than elated to hear how I inspirited you with my love and passion for research. Reading your stories, I never doubted a bit because ever since in our classes you were always diligent and indulgent. May your values be always intact wherever you go, my dear! 🙏😘

Your research paper! Do you remember what you and your groupmates (Patricia, Giselle and Ricky) wrote? I can’t help but smile because I do not just remember what the research paper was about but I can also remember how you guys were so adorable and patient to get the rhythm of writing a research and writing as a group. I am forever thankful to UE EDUC for giving me the trust and liberty to create and implement my own Research syllabus. In order for you guys not to be overwhelmed, I suggested that your group write a research paper in line with my previous Philippine English study. Everyone was obedient and successful. Specifically, your group aced it and was proud of the outcome. Again, congrats! For maximizing your time and your potential!

Also, congratulations for pursuing your M. A. and for being your school’s research coordinator! Attaboy! 😍 Over and beyond, congratulations for raising the banners of all the education students, UE Warriors, and researchers for writing a beautiful letter here. Indeed, we never forget and we always look back with grateful hearts! 🙏😍 Your parents, teachers, students, and colleagues must be really proud of you. I, for one, am very pleased. Always remember that I value you and believe in you all the way!

Thank you very much, Josh!

Thank you for writing and reconnecting with me!

I hope to see you soon!

Love always and forever,
Ms. Weng

P.S. I am sorry for replying just now. I finished marking papers and my class first. 😍
Kindly send my regards to your classmates and friends. 😘


UE-MANILA BSED English Graduate

Joshua Delos Reyes

August 15, 2021 at 7:29:49 AM

A few days ago, as I was doing a paper for my graduate studies, I came across this extremely recognizable name in a paper that I was reading—Edwina R. Bensal. My college memories flashed through my mind as soon as I saw your name.

Prof. Bensal, or as we call her, Ms. Weng was a former Professor of mine in UE- Manila. She handled not just one of my major subjects but if I’m not mistaken three—Research in Language and Literature, Campus Journalism, Assessment in Language and Literature.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it. My knees trembled and I became exceedingly anxious whenever it’s Ms. Weng’s class. you must be completely focused and prepared, during Ms. Weng’s class, or else you will pay the consequences of your actions. Haha! Kidding.

I'll never forget what you've taught me and how you've opened my eyes to the beauty of Research. You have encouraged me to the best version of myself and I can’t describe how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to learn from you.

I am presently pursuing my MA in English and I am currently serving as the research coordinator for the English department at our school.

However, I would not have been able to accomplish these things without your wisdom and guidance.

I will forever be grateful to you, Ms. Weng! Every language major student should be able to learn from you at the very least.

Sending you a virtual hug, Ms. Weng! May God bless you and keep you safe.

-Always and forever,


Reply to Ms. Hannah Arambulo

Edwina R. Bensal

August 12, 2021 at 2:28:16 AM

My dearest Hannah,

Thank you very much for gracing my website with your kindness. Also, CONGRATULATIONS for finishing your bachelor’s degree with flying colors. Might I say, you are indeed one of DLSU’s model students. In our class you were the lovely, towering lady who was always focused, quiet, and determined. You consistently excelled in the research writing tasks because you were always 100% attentive during class discussion. You made sure you would not miss a thing. Complaints, delays, or idle chat were never in your vocabulary. You have always been an Aja girl! That's why, I know whatever life throws at you, you can always handle it with grace and competence.

Blessed are those people you will get acquainted with as your humble and positive energy will be felt by them.

Continue spreading love and inspiration to all of us! 🙏💚

Stay safe, healthy, and gorgeous! 🥰

I hope to see you soon! 😘

Love always,
Ms. Weng


DLSU Bachelor of Arts Major in AB Psychology Graduate / Cum Laude

Hannah Arambulo

August 12, 2021 at 1:50:31 AM

Dear Ms. Weng,

I cannot express enough how thankful I am to have been taught by you. Your ENGLRES class has taught me so much about the research paper process and has made me more aware of the skills and habits that I need to improve in myself.

Thank you so much for your kindness and patience towards me and the rest of our section as well (even though at times, we might not deserve it).

Anyways hehe, it was truly fun having you as my professor this term! Hope this is not the last time we see each other.

God bless and take care always!! 😍

From your ENGLRES student,
Hannah Arambulo

P. S. This was the exact message I wrote on the thank you card I gave you last April, 2018. As per your request, I'd be delighted to have the card in your website. God bless, stay safe and healthy as always. 💚


Reply to Ms. Bridget Adolfo

Edwina R. Bensal

August 11, 2021 at 6:32:37 AM

Dear Bridget,

What you said is the very essence of quality education - executing the theoretical lessons to reality.

Thank you very much for the thoughtful affirmation of what you learned from our class. It has been more than a year now; however, I can still remember the first ever video speech you delivered to class. As I told you, you were a natural as you were able to choose the best topic that could further highlight your strengths as a speaker - COMPOSED. CONSIDERATE. And CAPTIVATING. These three wonderful traits were the exact reasons why I showed your video speech (with your permission) as one of the examples to my current students. Based on the outcome they did, they learned a lot from you. More than anything else, they were inspired by you. 💚

May you always carry your awesome traits as a speaker wherever you go and whatever you do. 🙏💚

Thank you for all the sweet memories we shared and I hope to see you guys soon! 😘

Love always,
Ms. Wina


De La Salle - SHS - IS Student

Bridget Adolfo

August 11, 2021 at 5:26:21 AM

Hi Ms. Wina!!

We may have met during term 1 but your advices on my public speaking has latched on to me and has improved me SO SO SO MUCH 😗❤️

I have done several hosting events this year and your lectures reminded me to always keep my composure and deliver with grace!!

Thank you, Ms. Wina! I'll forever be grateful to have been your student! Here's to more students you'll shape to be excellent! 🥂



Reply to Ms. Sheryl Jaymee Co

Edwina R. Bensal

June 27, 2021 at 4:53:45 AM

My dearest She,

I can’t thank you enough for all the sweet recollections and kind words you wrote. Speaking of writing, I will never forget the first letter you gave me. You were a third year high school student then when you personally handed it to me as I was about to enter our classroom. You even had a solid pitch and said something like “I know life can be tough. But you’re doing great.” That moment I wanted to hug you and wail, but knowing how stern the education setup at that moment, I only said, “Oh thank you, She.” Every time I would remember that, I raise my prayer to heaven that there will be more high school Sheryls in this world who would also boost up their teachers' confidence or morale.

Setting aside the drama, thank you a million dozen for being a very supportive student I have had. Being a new high school teacher that time was pretty crazy and demanding. Too many loads to fulfill and expectations to discern. But hey look at us now!

Time flies so fast! It’s true that even though you were not my student anymore and you never became my student in college, nothing has changed. We would still catch up and share our hellos when we bumped into each other at the campus. Also, thanks to FB messenger that keeps our communication alive and easy despite the many highs, lows, and bumps happening in our lives. Between the two of us though, I give all the credit to you. You certainly know how to be a constant and consistent friend. She, no words can ever express my gratitude to you for being my perpetual source of inspiration.

I totally have innumerable great things to say about you because over and beyond these posts we have here, there are more beautiful, meaningful, and truly inspiring correspondences and memories we have. With that, I am truly and deeply thankful (I know I keep repeating it! hehe). Remember that time when my co teachers and I went to your resto? It was my simple way of showing that I’m also here for you and that I support you all the way (you can also count my closest friends in hehe).

She, you are one of the kindest and most thoughtful souls I ever know. You always have wonderful stories to say about your family, friends, classmates, and batchmates. You are always proud of them. Please know that we are also very very proud of you. I wish that all those kind and thoughtful words you effortlessly tell about us will return to you a hundred fold in more ways than ever!

Before I end this, let me tell you again how much I miss hearing your stories and your laugh. You have always been fun to be with. Please stay the same. I will see you soon when the pandemic is over! Aja!

Love you always,
Ms. Weng


DLSU Graduate

Sheryl Jaymee Co

June 25, 2021 at 8:47:34 AM

Ms. Edwina Bensal and I met when I was in my junior year in Saint Jude Catholic School. She was my English teacher, and class adviser, if I remember correctly, for the academic year 2003-2004. More than a decade later, I am now in my thirties; but to this day, I believe that she did not stop being my teacher; more so, she became someone I look up to and someone who inspires me.

Ms. Bensal also teaches at my college alma mater, De La Salle University – Manila. Though I was not privileged to be in her class, she and I met on several occasions through my college years. I was no longer a student of hers in a classroom setting, but I never stopped learning from her. Much like how I grew up from my teenage years, her teachings have also widened and continued to shape me as a person. She shared her views and philosophies with me, gave me advice when I needed it, and broadened my horizons just a little bit more every single time. She is generous with her students, past or present – not one to withhold learnings and wisdom. Coupled with her bright and enthusiastic energy, she embodies positivity, in and outside of the classroom. Even now, I still look forward to chatting with her about life and beyond, just like how I looked forward to attending her classes back in the day.

I believe that students will be fortunate to have Ms. Bensal as a teacher. She made learning easy, and enjoyable. Despite that, I remember she gave us ample work for us to learn, and to want to learn more. As the Chinese proverb says, “Teachers open the door, you enter by yourself.” Indeed, I am honored to be one of the many students for which she had opened doors for. I cannot recommend Ms. Bensal enough as words will not do justice, but I hope that she will be able to touch more lives the way she did mine.

Sheryl Jaymee Co


Reply to Ms. Nicole Ng

Edwina R. Bensal

June 5, 2021 at 11:41:48 PM

Oh Nicz! Thank you soooooo much!

Receiving a stunning letter from a stellar student is definitely a way to start a jocund June! Yours is sure a nonpareil one! In many amazing ways, you absolutely know how to surprise your loved ones (permission to include myself 😂✌🙏).

I can’t believe you wrote your letter during wee hours! You’re definitely a certified writer (in the context of being unpredictable and sleep deprived ✌😂)! Seriously speaking, I completely agree with you that the universe’s plan on us is impeccably and perfectly executed. Let me set forth the reasons why:

1. You love writing. I love reading.

You are among the very few students I have who seem to be very fond of writing. I actually lost count of the number of lovely letters you sent me and (allow me to say) I love reading them all. Over and above, the writing tasks that you submitted, for example, the Annotated Bibliography and Article Critique were impressively written. Reading your papers made me feel that you always bring your A game and that writing to you is a whale of a time. Hence, I can say substance and style always go together in your writing. Indeed, I enjoyed reading your email and essays because you're cognizant of the different and correct conventions for both.

I hope you will continue writing and will start journaling soon. Enrich the gift that you have, my dear Nicz!

2. You are receptive. I am responsive.

Online class, being a new norm, is excruciating for some students. But not to you (in my class). While you felt desolated, you decided to focus on more important things – your good relationship with your teachers and your academic responsibilities. Congrats, you are the class Top 3! 💚🧡

You started it by being interested and inquisitive! As I made it a practice to announce the top three students for every task in our class, one day, you asked me how you can be part of the honor roll. I just simply told you to listen attentively during our synchronous class, clarify if confused, and follow the directions carefully. From then on, you made sure you understand everything and if your schema was inadequate, you inquired. We both kept our lines open. Fast forward to the final paper, you got a perfect score because of its substance, depth, and organization.

I hope ending your EAPS subject with flying colors would always remind you that as you aim for high scores or to be on top, you also hone your character and keep your values intact.

Remember, “your life is controlled by what you focus on” (by Tony Robbins). In one word, MINDFULNESS.

3. You are an eager beaver. I am a mother hen.

You’re always enthusiastic and keen to care.

It's really considerate of you to always acknowledge tiny little things I did for the class (and even though the term is over you still message me some words of affirmation). Not to mention, your classmates are equally appreciative, kind, and thoughtful. I never heard a single complain or request from your class. The willingness to comply to my requirements is a sign of obedience, humility, and trust. That’s why, I tried to be more thoughtful on ways to help and assist you guys. I would start the class with acknowledgments, ask the best dates for the submissions, and adjust the deadlines when needed. These simple acts were always reciprocated with sweet notes of gratitude and kindness from you guys. A term with STEM 11-C is a great blessing. Evidently, we complement each other.

Another worth commending is the effort and the synergy of the class. During this pandemic, we, teachers, are also having struggles connecting with our students. We earnestly find ways to make our students feel safe and engage, but this is not possible if cooperation from the students is lacking. You, together with your classmates, have been very cooperative. That’s why, while you and your classmates appreciated me for being always present, active, and flexible to all your academic concerns (sometimes even personal), I am immensely grateful for the collective and mutual understanding we all have among each other. Congrats to you and to the entire STEM 11-C! You guys have a true Lasallian spirit. I will definitely miss you all.

Please know that I will always be here anytime you need me. We can talk about the books we’ve read, our plans in life, neuroscience, philosophy, and the list goes on. Hehe

I wish you all the best and I love you, Nicz!

I hope you are enjoying our short academic break and your Mandarin class!

See you in FB!

Love always,
Ms. Wina


Grade 11 STEM Student

Nicole Ng

June 2, 2021 at 7:10:33 PM

As I write this, I feel utterly grateful for the universe’s plans for me, as I reckon that it was designed impeccably and executed at the perfect time.

It wasn’t facile to keep my chin up after several months of being repeatedly debilitated by everything between Online Distance Learning and the tedious and tormenting pandemic. Moreover, time’s pacing was genuinely perplexing; sometimes, it can be compared to the speed of light, whereas sometimes, it seemed as if it had been frozen. Hence, to say the very least, the ambiance for the period was rather dejecting.

Fast forward to March 1st of 2021, the first day of Term 3; I was very anguished over the recent happenings during that time. I felt thorough desolation, and every course was undoubtedly not helping in attenuating what I was feeling. I feel no resentment, though, for I am aware that this set-up’s downsides include making people relatively unobtrusive to the world beyond their screens, thereby leaving teachers heedless of students’ circumstances, and, reasonably enough, some students are also uncomfortable with delineating their feelings to online instructors, for they are unsure if teachers want to know their problems.

Howbeit, what is life without some fun and risks? Well, to be fair, I shall give teacher Wina her proper credit, for had she not exuded an aura so bright and a very welcoming personality during our first synchronous session, I would not dare email her. Hence, it was her who gave me the courage to make a dauntless move, and, in hindsight, I am glad and unregretful that I emailed Ms. Wina after our first meeting.

Now, I am to go back to my dramatic introductory statement, but please pardon me for the cliché statement I am about to say, as nothing can better elucidate Ms. Wina’s impactful role in my life other than it. All that I can say is that she is the epitome of a ray of sunshine.

Feeling detached from the world, I was suddenly placed along Ms. Wina’s path. The universe knew that no ordinary person could get to me anymore after being failed several times by everyone and everything that constituted the online set-up. So, it generously placed a very compelling, intelligent, and altruistic woman/speaker, i.e., Ms. Wina, right before me. To this moment, I deem that she is a blessing sent from the heavens. Her grace, kindness, and beauty consistently penetrated the screen and constantly embraced me at my home, far away from her. Looking at it, she truly is an imposing speaker, for she had the power to impact me by merely utilizing her voice and words.

Furthermore, she is never frugal with praises and constructive criticisms when it comes to school works and tasks. Therefore, you can surely grow with her. Also, one does not need to worry about talking to teacher Wina about anything because she is very easy to talk to; by the way, that’s one of the many good things I love about her. Another thing that I like about Ms. Wina is that she can explain why she gave such scores and would be glad to make amendments if necessary.

She is very kind, wise, and helpful in every way. Her presence was immensely felt despite her not being beside me physically. She never made me and her other students feel that she was unavailable and unreachable. From our first exchanges of email until after the conclusion of the term, she always made it a point that we can approach her anytime, may it be on the weekday or weekend.

She had always been a great source of joy, inspiration, and lessons. From the way she talks to the way she acts, you will always gain something from her, such as wisdom and universal truths. Moreover, teacher Wina does not limit her teachings to solely writing lessons. She also imparts enlightenment on ways to contribute to humanity’s amelioration. Huge thanks to her; I have recognized the importance of being more patient, understanding, mindful, and kinder now more than ever. Additionally, I now know that as I continue to practice the aforementioned, it can take me a long way and help make society better.

Meeting teacher Wina is an event that is one for the books, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I genuinely hope that everyone else who meets her will realize how blessed they are.

It was lovely writing and expressing myself here.

May all of you be safe and well amidst the pandemic.

Nicole Ng


Reply to Ms. Gianina D. Ruiz

Edwina R. Bensal

May 31, 2021 at 2:55:29 PM

Confidently beautiful. That’s how I see you, G! In one word, FIERCE! You are independently dependent. You are perfectly imperfect. You are who you are – always sweet yet tough.

G, thank you so much for the inspiration and blessings you brought to my life. Big thanks for this letter, too. The way you wrote it is so sublime! Your attention to detail and flair for writing were so evident because of how you recalled your observations and put those ideas into words. Imagine! All those things happened six years ago and you can still vividly recollect them. Oh! I am pretty sure any teachers who will get to read your letter will be very pleased and inspired to know that there are students like you – someone who is perceptive and has high esteem to her teacher.

I know you are not comfortable receiving praises, especially if it is public like this one. Nevertheless, please indulge me with this - you are such a model student. You are a type of student who is quiet in class and get things done as instructed; however, you always include your distinctive features to all the works you submitted. Thus, your classmates respect and admire you because of your pensive yet sassy personality. Going back, your personality was always present with the essays you submitted to me; thereby, it made my work such a delight.

In fact, more than a delight, it was a God’s sweetest grace to have you in my class. You are optimistic and obedient. That’s why when you visited our University again, I did not hesitate to invite you for a short snack that turned out to be a long one because we realized how much things we have in common. Most of all, I enjoyed listening to your stories, progress, and realizations. Also, I adore how you become a much finer lady who cares and advocates for the environment. That afternoon was truly a moment to cherish because that was the time that we ended our student and teacher relationship and transitioned to a wonderful friendship to keep.

Gia, my dear, thank you for taking time to sit down and cherish our wonderful moments as a teacher and a student. With all the lovely descriptions you wrote, I especially am grateful for the time you spent constructing this endearing letter. It is indeed a precious gift to receive a letter that was sincerely written because it ascertains how much you wish all the best for me. Please know that I also hope, wish, and pray that all the greatest things come to your way! You are and will always be very special to me. I love you and I miss you!

God bless!

Ms. Weng

P. S. Remember that time when you had your hair chopped off? The moment you entered the class, all your classmates were so wowed! And you gave them these discreet and cool reaction that seemingly told them that it wasn’t so much of a big deal. Then the next day, you dyed your hair pink. Your classmates, then again, were electrified. My point? You are a stunner. You have that charisma and presence that is positively unique. Always embrace it as you continuously spread love and inspiration.


Former Student at De La Salle University

Gianina D. Ruiz

May 28, 2021 at 4:27:58 AM

I have known Ms. Bensal, or as we call her, Ms. Weng, since my first year as a student in De La Salle University in 2015, when she was the professor for my English Communications class.

During my entire time in DLSU, I have witnessed Ms. Weng graciously receive respect and love from her students, both within and outside the classroom walls. While obviously an authority, she treated us in a manner that made it easy to feel as if we were equals. Running into her in the hallways made us feel as if we were greeting a good old friend.

Because she was able to find the right balance of essential qualities of a professor--not at all affected, as far as we can tell--she made for an effective educator. Her maternal warmth encouraged us to be ourselves, to speak from our hearts, and to be less afraid of our thoughts and of engaging with one another. It was always exciting to see how she invigorated critical thinking in the classroom and encouraged us to challenge what each of us spoke out about.

With all the freedom we had, she nevertheless kept us in check by continuously giving us her honest feedback, which we couldn't help to humbly receive.

I will never forget how meaningful it was for me and how encouraged it made me feel whenever I turned in my papers to Ms. Weng. I remember listening to her confidently reaffirm my strengths but also honestly assess my areas for improvement; helping to provide or suggest useful tools so that I may genuinely learn. She was one of those professors who took the extra effort to get to know her pupils.

She was our leader and was constantly front and center, but she was also very skilled at being the quiet observer who was constantly attuned to her student's needs and individualities.

Having a teacher like Ms. Weng made me realize that the dynamic between the student and the teacher doesn’t have to be that intimidating and difficult; there can be just as much joy, challenge, and discovery when it comes to academics.

To this day, Ms. Weng will always be one of the best teachers I have ever had the opportunity to learn from, and I always wish other students could experience the kind of development --in knowledge, skills, and in confidence-- my classmates and I had while under her direction.

She has my highest recommendation.

Gianina D. Ruiz


Reply to Engr. Jomer Caderao

Edwina R. Bensal

May 28, 2021 at 3:38:17 AM

Hi, Engineer Caderao! I am sure you know the joy I have in my heart when you become a certified engineer. Congratulations again and again! This is one of the many best gifts you gave me and your parents. Thank you for making me a big part of your college life and life in general as you always find time to bond with me (of course, over sumptuous food as always hehe). Surely, we have collected countless stories, memories, and photos together.

Second, I am greatly thankful for you are like my eldest son in block EI. Of course, block EI can still recall our first class meeting and all the antics that happened during the term. Hence, even after years had passed by, when we meet up again that will be part of our catching up that absolutely crack us all up as we reminisce. You guys are really funny, perky, and sassy. Oh! We never had a dull moment inside and even outside our class.

Speaking of that, thank you for always taking care of me and your classmates. In any event outside our class, picking me up and driving me (and a few of our friends) home have been your practice. You’re invariably sweet and caring to all of us. That’s why to me, you are like my eldest son who unfailingly protect your siblings, and I know I can always trust you and rely on you.

All of these, of course, I already said to your mom and to your favorite Tita! This is because you make me part of your family. That’s the third thing I am thankful for. We are now a family. Having you guys as my extended family is truly a wonderful blessing and a total bliss. Please know that you guys are always in my prayers. Friendship turns into a family is a forever friendship. So, cheers to a decade of and forever friendship, Joms!

Indeed, I have numerous reasons to thank you. Thank you for all the gifts and pasalubong you gave me. You always make me feel that wherever you go and whatever you do, you remember me. But above all, I am grateful for the genuine friendship that we have.

You are consistently thoughtful. You were that student who more than anything else aimed to build friendly and genuine relationship to all. To you, living life with happiness, contentment, and camaraderie is more valuable than academic grades or money that represent numbers alone.

With all of these, I can wholeheartedly say that you live a very inspiring life. Take care of your big heart as you share it to others.

I miss you so much! I hope this pandemic ends so we can go out again and enjoy the world! And Yes Sir, I hope to travel with you soon! I love you always and forever, Joms! 💚💚💚

P. S. My apologies for replying just now. We just finished finals week – that means, a lot of papers to mark, grades to encode, and consultations to attend to (not complaining just telling hehe). So as my breather, I wrote a reply letter to one of my favorite people in the world – my block EI eldest son. Hihi Love you, Joms! 🧡


B.S. Civil Engineering Major in Construction Technology and Management at De La Salle University-Manila

Engr. Jomer S. Caderao

May 21, 2021 at 10:27:41 AM

Ms. Edwina Bensal was my professor in ENGLCOM at De La Salle University during the first term of the school year 2011-2012. The first thing that I would like to say is that her class was one of my favorites out of all of the classes I’ve taken in the university.

As her student, I was able to witness how committed and passionate she was in teaching and sharing her knowledge with us. The tests and activities that she gave us really helped me understand the lessons easier. She has the gift to connect well with her students. I must say, she is definitely one of a kind. Her approach in teaching: the way she talked and interacted with us, the activities she had prepared, is what made the class more exciting. The knowledge and wisdom that I have learned from her class were very helpful throughout my stay in the university. It also made a big impact on how I grew as a person during my college years and even after university life. She really has helped mold me into what I am today.

Based on everything that I have said, I can truly say that her commitment to her students and her passion for teaching can encourage her students to do better in her classes, and at the same time inspire them to discover some of the things in life that they would want to pursue.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS WENG! Wishing you good health and more birthdays to come. Sana magawa mo na yung mga gusto mo pang gawin sa buhay. I am always thankful for having you in my life. Thank you for all the great advices you've given me. Thank you for all the guidance and support! I hope we can travel together soon! Love you! Enjoy your day!

P. S. Happy 10 years of friendship to us! Hehe


Reply to Engineer Patricia Adiaz

Edwina R. Bensal

May 16, 2021 at 3:30:29 AM

Animo LaSalle, Engineer Trish! Isn’t that a lovely melody to hear? Being one of your number one supporters and cheerleaders, it is such a pride and honor for me to see you bloom and become a well-accomplished engineer! You are and will always be one of my most cherished students and friends.

My loves, thank you for dropping some thoughtful words that are truly worth cherishing. Speaking of that, I will never forget you being so charming and inquisitive in our Englcom class. You were excited everyday. One instance that still resonates with me is when you asked me, “What are we going to do today, Miss?”. I replied to this question with a question of “Why?”. With a bright spark in your eye and a gleeful tone, you said, “Miss, because you prepare something new for all of us every day and I can’t wait”. All teachers would be overjoyed to hear this line from their students. A sheer appreciation! One of the best gifts a teacher can receive. Yes, you are always appreciative and cheerful. You exemplify a real Lasallian spirit!

That’s why, I celebrate you today and always! You are such a gorgeous lady inside and out! By the way, I love the photo that you put up there! That’s one of my favorite photos you have.

Trish my loves, keep exploring the world and inspiring people just like how you embraced me with. Keep doing what you are doing – dance, yoga, cycle, write, dive, travel and the list goes on. There is nothing you cannot do!

I am beautifully blessed to have known such a wonderful lady that you are!

I love you, I miss you, and again thank you! You are truly an inspiration!


Civil Engineering Graduate with Specialization in Structural Engineering

Engr. Patricia Adiaz

May 10, 2021 at 7:50:52 AM

They say that educators should not rely on any single approach when it comes to teaching their students, for every student has their own, unique style when it comes to learning. Ms. Bensal is considerate of everyone's study process, and conducts distinctive, yet effective methods of teaching. She has the ability to make learning new concepts not complicated, and gives off an approachable energy that makes you comfortable enough to ask simple questions without the hesitation that you might get judged for doing so.

Besides correcting my papers with that green ink of hers, she'll always leave affirming notes of a job well done.

She is one of the reasons why I was able to develop my confidence and tenacity in college because of her efficient, yet nurturing style. I conquered my insecurities in public speaking because of the pointers that she gave, which up to this day, I still practice.

She is definitely one of my favorite teachers, and one whom I consider as a friend.


Reply to Mr. Wang Ting Chiang

Edwina R. Bensal

April 21, 2021 at 11:39:40 PM

Dearest Wang,

First and foremost, I am sorry for this delayed reply. I have been busy with work and at home.

Second, I am very much thankful because you even exerted an effort to write me an English message of appreciation. Wang, this is really super sweet. Thank you so much! This is especially beautiful because until now you are practicing speaking in English. Ever since you started learning English, you always make sure to apply what you learned in our class. And that to me is such a precious gift! Indeed, your sincerity and kindness are remarkable!

Third, coming from a country where English is a foreign language, you are a fast and confident learner. When you came here, you can barely talk and understand English. But because of your perseverance and dedication, you learned fast. I hope you continue and still enjoy listening to English music because that’s your learning mechanism. Remember? Every time you came to our class, you either memorized a line from a song or asked me the meaning of that song so you could connect it to your every day communication with your friends. You loved surprising me and your friends with your improvement! I guess that’s the type of person you are – generous. You’re never empty-handed because you always make sure to offer something new to us.

Lastly, I hope we get to see each other again (either I visit you in Taiwan or you visit here again in the Philippines). You are a dear friend to me. In fact, you are like a younger brother to me. Hence, I introduced you to my younger sister because we are family.

I will see you soon, Wang!

Teacher Weng


EFL Student at CELL, DLSU (A.Y. 2017)

王亭強 (Wang Ting Chiang)

April 18, 2021 at 12:34:43 AM

When I went to the Philippines to study English, I met a very good teacher.

She always taught me patiently when I was studying. It made me interested in English.

She is always a great help to me. Thank you, teacher Weng.


Reply to Engineer Samantha Jarder

Edwina R. Bensal

April 17, 2021 at 11:52:08 PM

Hello, Engineer Sammie!

Thank you for your accurate and straightforward assessment. It has been a decade now since we first met. I remember how you could be chatty, friendly, and proactive in our class. Up until now, you are still the same unique you.

First of all, you're transparent with what you think. I guess that’s one of the many things we love about you. You are a no-holds-barred storyteller. You’re honesty is what I cherish the most!

You're also a Ms. Congeniality. I remember when you invited almost everyone during your 23rd birthday party. And hey! You also welcomed my friend, Je. To boot, I happened to chat with some of your guests. Wow! Your friends were from all year levels - from first year to graduates. Not to mention, your childhood friends were also there. Everybody was so happy seeing a crowd of zestful and dynamic Lasallians. Yes! We were all gleeful and grateful because you made us feel loved and belong. And I hope you remember how great a host you were. Sure! It was one night of pure fun and love.

Most importantly, you're a globetrotter and an engineer – this will best describe your life now. You get to travel around and at the same time pursue your PhD. This what makes you optimistic. Thus, I hope that wherever you go and whatever you accomplish you will keep yourself grounded.

In a nutshell, I am thankful that our camaraderie inside the classroom remains for a decade now. I am blessed to have you guys in my life. You are all dedicated students, assiduous individuals, and sincere friends rolled into one.

I hope this pandemic will end soon so we can all go out, dine out, chat about lives, loves, disappointments, achievements, and have fun just like before!

For now, please take care of yourself and enjoy Japan. We miss and love you, Sammie!


Civil Engineering Alumna of De La Salle University / PhD Student at Tokyo City University

Engr. Samantha Louise N. Jarder

April 16, 2021 at 11:35:14 PM

Miss Edwina “Weng” Bensal was my ENGLCOM teacher. She was one of my first teachers/professors when I entered college in 2011. Her class was something I looked forward to since it wasn’t just a simple lecture but we were able to bond as a class while learning.

I can’t speak for all of my classmates; but I learned how to be confident and embraced what makes my uniqueness due to her support.

Miss Weng and my classmates still have a good relationship with her until now. She is someone we go to when we need advice and guidance as we try to navigate with our lives and career.


Reply to Ms. Elizabeth Pronove

Edwina R. Bensal

April 14, 2021 at 6:48:52 AM

Hi, Liz!

Thank you very much for taking a few minutes of your busy time to write a recommendation letter as beautiful as you are. You always amaze me with how you productively divide your time with regard to taking care of your well-being, spending quality time with your family, helping other people (like this one), and achieving more. Keep it up, my loves!

Again, thank you for your kind and generous words. I remember our tutorial classes in different offices. Although the surrounding could be very busy at times because of the students coming in and out, you could still concentrate and perform well. And yes! You never attended our class unprepared. You would even go the extra mile and impress me with your development. I don’t know if it is fair to say but I will say it anyway (hehe)… I hope all TFL students can be like you.

In addition, you are sweet and sincere. Even if you’re back in America, you keep our communication alive and respect me just like before. You even made my heart melt when you included me in your tight schedule the moment you came back here in the Philippines for a short visit. You never forget, Liz! Hugs! 🧡

Above all, I admire your passion and principle. I can vividly recall the time when you wanted to take a significant leap of faith. You were not a typical teenager who was all impulse and emotion. Instead, you wrote down all your thoughts – constructively. You listed down the pros and the cons of your plan; hence you were able to ascertain the consequences of your future action and visualize “the better you”. You thought things through. You were careful yet bold. That’s why even though some people doubted your plan, you still followed your vision. So, look at you now – much happier, productive, and successful! YOU ARE ONE BRAVE SOUL, LIZ and I know you will still get to accomplish more!

Muli, isang namamayagpag na pagpupugay sa iyo aking mabuting kaibigan! Maraming salamat at nawa ay lagi kang gabayan ng ating Maykapal!

Lubos na nagmamahal,
Ate Wen


Currently: A Natural Building Intern for an NGO called Community Rebuilds

Elizabeth Pronove

April 12, 2021 at 10:52:20 PM

Learning Tagalog with Profesora Edwina was the highlight of my time studying at De La Salle University. Our lessons were sacred. Not only because they marked my first opportunity to learn the language of my ancestors, words born from the land I stood on; but also because Prof. Edwina fostered a rare space on campus where I felt safe to let my guard down and selfhood unfurl.

One day, she insightfully noted how I always challenge myself by choosing to create complex sentences and work to expand my Filipino vocabulary. This led her to commend my work ethic as a whole--a positive affirmation sorely needed at the time.

Prof. Wen embraced me with empathy when I shared my struggles with acculturative stress and mental health. In reflection, it is vital that Prof. Wen has the capacity to do this because the systemic focus on performance and profit in higher ed propagates the mental health crisis and increased rates of suicide in students.

Prof. Wen cultivates a foundation of trust and respect, on which she builds her students up! Her radiant joy and authenticity make her beloved to students. She wields creativity and patience when introducing new ideas to make them digestible and relatable. She both asks and inspires thought-provoking questions. She is an invaluable asset to any organization she joins. I wholeheartedly recommend her as an educator.

Elizabeth Pronove


Reply to Ms. Michelle Valerie Uy

Edwina R. Bensal

March 31, 2021 at 11:47:45 AM

Hello, Mitch! Thank you for your novel and endearing testi. Reading it made me feel I have known you all your life. It also spawned a feeling of nostalgia that I am getting old (haha) because I remember that your older brother was my advisee when he was in third year high school; now, he has a beautiful family of his own. Then, you were my Englres student last 2011; currently, you are pursuing your M.A. Oh how time flies! Anyway, just like what they said, it is not about the number of years we live but the quality of it. Naks!

Anyways, your testi appeared to establish a fact that I did a great job as a teacher. I don’t know if I deserve it but I thank you very much for your kind words. And just like what I wrote in the recommendation letter – you are every teacher’s dream student. You are focused, diligent, intelligent, and polite. Hence, it was a walk in the park to write a reco for you. Indeed, having your thesis paper to be nominated is a strong indication how you always take your task seriously.

With greater reason, that lengthy and surely a substantial conversation we had in the office made me know you more as a person. I discovered the pureness of your heart and I couldn’t contain my tears; that’s why I gave you that warm and long hug before I let you go. Actually, I could see a part of myself to you. You brace integrity and can’t tolerate wrongdoings that sometimes gave you disappointment. My dear Mitch, I wish you will soon find the happiness and love that you deserve. Please always remember that wherever you go, my love is with you.

Keep that passionate desire in your heart! I will see you soon. FB message me anytime. I am always here for you!

Ms. Bensal


Reply to Engineer Rachelle Rabino Corpuz

Edwina R. Bensal

March 31, 2021 at 6:32:05 AM

Dear Engineer Rach,

Here’s a warm hug and a million thanks for your heartwarming recollection. I really know in my heart you are my avid believer and supporter. Good words and praises perpetually flows from your mouth since day one. Aside from that, you untiringly share affection to everyone that equates sincerity and generosity. Everywhere you go, you always leave that spark of joy (I feel like Marie Kondo for saying this) that makes you an obedient daughter, an ideal student, a dependable friend, and a loving wife – all rolled into one. I am blessed to have witnessed these all. I have seen you evolved from a pretty daliginding to a wonderful woman. Had you pursued your beauty pageant career, we would have a Ms. Universe by now. Although in our hearts, you are a Ms. Universe. You are an epitome of beauty inside and out!

Our camaraderie inside the classroom was so real that we still communicate thus far. Sure, the affinity is so strong that we are now great friends. Oh my dear Rach a.k.a. my TwinSie! How time flies! I never realized that we have known each other for ten years to date. Can I say that my teaching methodologies perfectly fit you and your block mates that we become one happy family? Do you still remember the always lively class discussion we had? You were all attentive and proactive. Never a single day would pass without a good laugh (most of the time hysterical) because of the indisputable banter among us. And look at you guys now! You are all thriving in your own chosen path.

Oh before I forget, even though you were not my student anymore, there were even times that you would call me up to talk about your worries and aspirations. Thank you for trusting me. Now that you are a successful engineer and happily married, YAY! 😍🧡😍 Please stay the same - simple and sincere. Know that I am here for you - as always! Also, I am excited for the little Rach and Les we will all soon meet. Again, thank you for your sincere friendship! Thank you for inviting us to your wedding! Allowing us to be part of your milestone is one of the strong validations that we are family. Truly worth cherishing!

My Twinsie, thank you for being one of the kindest students I ever had. Always remember that I will always be one of your greatest supporters and believers! (Justin Bieber?) Twinsie, keep soaring high! I love you so much!

I hope this pandemic ends very soon so we can all eat out again just like before!

Love always,
Your TwinSie
Ms. Weng


Graduate Student of UP Baguio

Michelle Valerie Uy

March 30, 2021 at 7:48:46 AM

In my experience Miss Bensal has always been warm and pleasant!

I first met her when she was the high school teacher of my older brother. My brother was sick at that time and so I looked for Miss Bensal to get my brother's report card, I was so shy because I was still in elementary school then. Miss Bensal was so friendly and her smile made me feel good about myself.

The next time I met Miss Bensal I was very surprised to find her as my undergrad Basic Research professor in DLSU back in 2011 and her class really helped me do well in writing our undergrad Thesis which was nominated as among the best thesis in our batch from the College of Business, Majors in Business Management.

I had a fun and memorable time in Miss Bensal's class and I learned so much that our Thesis Paper succeeded. So when I applied for my master's program I had to make sure that I get Miss Bensal's referral letter and she was so nice about it.

During that time it was so easy to talk to her and open up about life and she made me feel good about myself again.


DLSU Graduate / Engineer III at DPWH Central Office

Engr. Rachelle Rabino Corpuz

March 28, 2021 at 9:10:14 AM

I learned a lot from Ms. Weng’s class almost ten years ago, both from the subject she is teaching and from the life lessons she shared to the class. I remember fondly that through her teachings, I was able to improve on my academic reading, writing and viewing skills. She imparted techniques that helped hone my reading and writing skills that I was able to use in my experiment reports and thesis writing during my engineering undergraduate years, and even up to now in my professional career.

Ms. Weng’s teaching style is light and fun—we played a number of games related to English lessons, essay writing on interesting topics, and some group competitions to test our knowledge on chosen topics in the syllabus. Surely, her teaching methods enable me to better absorb the lessons, rather than just by mere lectures. She is strict, though, in the sense that she expects only the best work from her students, which is also for our own development. I would say that I got very impressed by Ms. Weng having learned that she has publications and articles, and that she was invited to present some of them to different conferences.

Because she is approachable and warm to her students, we became friends in and out of the classroom, and our friendship went on even after the term. Since she is special to our class, she became part of our “barkada” and we go out occasionally throughout the rest of our college years. She has become a dear friend to me to whom I ask for advice to become a more effective communicator, since I think she is the ultimate example for it. I am happy to say that I have improved a lot in giving out presentations, speeches and lectures, and her constant pieces of advice contributed a lot to this.


Reply to Ms. Celine Dabao

Edwina R. Bensal

March 24, 2021 at 7:30:37 AM

I’m so kilig, My Loves! I can imagine how quick you wrote your letter. Similar to all the quizzes I gave to your class, you were always quick off the mark. To boot, you talked a mile a minute during your Cognitive Stylistic Presentation. Fascinating indeed! And I could imagine how sprightly the synapses were working in your brain. Incredibly intelligent!

Surely, first impression lasts! You were one of those students who caught my attention during our first meeting. I immediately sensed your sincerity and kindness. Of course, let’s not forget you were the kind of student who always had a paperback on her table. This seemingly spoke about your character. Deep? Yes! And also, prepared! That if the class discussion got boring, you knew you had a great companion. 😂

In no time, you will be a certified teacher. I am vigorously anticipating it because I know you will be able to inspire more students and teachers just like your way of influencing students with the letter that you composed. I especially love the part when you shifted and sent your warm advice to your fellow students. It again showed your leadership skills by motivating them to conscientiously do their part. Needless to say, it also reflected your caring personality – a civic-mindedness that has been embedded in your veins.

My dear Celine, continue to spread love and thank you very much for all the fun and enriching face-to-face memories. Thank you too for including me in your digital world! Most especially, a million thanks for your genuine affection! I love you always! 🧡💙💜

PS: I really do mean every word in my email last May 2020 when I said, "you are one brilliant student whose pertinent and rigorous thoughts are always admirable. I know you will positively thrive anywhere you go". Soar high but keep your feet on the ground, Teacher Celine. 🙏💚



Celine Dabao

March 24, 2021 at 4:28:29 AM

You were my stylistics professor, back when we still had face-to-face classes (oh, how I miss those days!) and I can say with full confidence that you are my favorite professor.

You made each class as engaging and enlightening as possible, breathing new life into topics that many of us found challenging before. You also made sure that each student's voice was heard and celebrated for all of the insights that they provided, no matter how small they might have been.

And you gave me the freedom I needed to write about a subject that we often gloss over as part of pop culture history--80s movies--and you helped me transform it into a powerful source of historical insights through such lens as feminist stylistics. Working on that project with your guidance has been one of the greatest of pleasures in my college years.

To each future student who has the privilege of entering your classroom, I wish you all the best. Make sure to participate actively in each discussion. Make each presentation as engaging and eye-catching as possible. Be sure to contribute to the vibrant, nurturing environment that dear Miss Weng has always been able to provide for each student.

You are one of the professors whose vivacity lingers long after I have left your classroom for the last time. Thank you for everything!


Reply to Ms. Theola Destura

Edwina R. Bensal

March 12, 2021 at 2:17:25 AM

To my ever dearest Toya,

While you can vividly remember our class’ last meeting, I have lucid memory of everything that happened in our class. 😂 What’s wrong with me? 😂 Is it because I miss you all so much?

Oh my dear! I can still recall how you and your bestfriend (Poli) first entered our classroom and how you guys arrived to class every morning. In the same manner, I can cheerfully recollect who were the early birds and the johnny-come-latelies. 😂 Please don’t ask me about the class’ reaction when the late comers finally entered while I was assiduously discussing the lesson. Oh dear, I can meticulously narrate the story. 😂

Needless to say, the block was fun and always spontaneous. You were blessed to be in the block with diverse personalities who all excelled in their own rights. Consequently, they were also graced to have you as their classmate. I remember when I asked you to look after them because I needed to fly to Korea for an international conference. Looking back, I also talked to you heart to heart and asked a favor to help me guide one of your classmates who was, at that time, lost and depressed. You were always like my eldest daughter who I trusted so much to take care of your siblings. Indeed, the camaraderie of your block was exceptional. Hence, I decided to have that “deepest secret” activity to flourish more the relationship among one another before we all took the vacation and eventually started again a new term in the fast-paced world of DLSU. I can still recall everybody’s deepest secrets and keep them all to my heart. I fulfilled my promise not to share them to anyone; although, some of your classmates’ deepest secrets were no longer secrets anymore. I am happy that they were able to transcend that secret into a reality that made them a much happier and freer individuals. If you know what I mean. Hehe.

Another inspiring moment that we should all not forget is when your block joined the “Pasiklaban”. That was undeniably remarkable! The unity of the class from biggest to smallest roles was conspicuous. I believe that this is a good reflection of the family’s upbringing. Speaking of which, your family is the most benevolent family I have ever seen in my digital world! Every time I get to see their posts, I want to hug them so tight and thank them for making this world a much better place. May the abounding love you receive from your family be also lavished to all the kids in the world so that there will be more caring, happy, and secured students like you.

While I have many more things to say, allow me to tell my most favorite moment - the intermission - you singing in front of the class and inviting everyone to sing as well. Another validation of your leadership skills and unity of the class! This best complemented my activity of “reading the best essays”. Do you remember how you guys exhibited rich and diverse writing styles? No one monopolized the throne. Among the five rhetorical patterns, different sets of students would be The Best Essayists. What I love more about it, you guys were always generous with your compliments towards each other and to The Best Essayists. You guys acknowledged each others' strengths and were inspired by these.

This missive is getting longer now. I don’t intend to but as the saying goes “from the bountiful of heart, the mouth speaks”. In my case, “from the abundance of our sweet memories, typing keeps going". (Insert Energizer Bunny 😂✌)

Dear Toya, thank you for sharing your heart to us. I can surely go on and on and on with this. But since the universe is already working its way for your success, please continue creating a voice that will make us all inspired even more.

You are gifted with a big heart and sensible mind. May you always remain grounded. May you always be the sunshine that rays positive energy to your getting-bigger-and-bigger clout.

I wish you all the best in your businesses and future endeavors. Please send my loving regards to your always supportive Mommy. I will see you soon!

Love always,
Miss Weng


DLSU Graduate / FOUNDER of Sol Creator, Baysay Beauty, and Gugma Artisan

Theola Destura

March 11, 2021 at 2:55:38 PM

I believe the Universe really conspired with God to make sure that the first class I take on my first day in DLSU was Miss Weng's class. If I hadn't taken Ms. Weng's class, I think I would've been so lost in college!

When I think of the word "teacher" I picture her. Out of all the professors I encountered in my stay in DLSU, her teaching spirit really stood out from the rest.

What I know now, without a doubt, is that Miss Weng was born to teach. In one of our activities in class, we had to share our deepest secrets with a partner, I was partnered up with her! I forgot what I said but I remember hers vividly. Mostly because I didn't believe it. She said she was not going to teach anymore. That's like the Sun saying that it's going to stop shining on the world! When she said that to me I felt two things. First, I felt lucky. I felt lucky because I got to be her student before she left. I was able to come in at the nick of time. Second, I felt sorry for all the students that won't get a chance to take her class. Man are they missing out! I thought to myself.

Luckily that secret never came true! She's still out there doing what she does best. Teaching. And all is right with the world!


Reply to Ms. Maria Cassandra Amparo

Edwina R. Bensal

March 4, 2021 at 8:57:14 AM

The Queen of Extemporaneous Speech!

Oh Cassie my dear!

Yes, you are one of those students that I will never forget for a number of delightful reasons.

First and foremost, you are an orator. You have the gift of gab. You always floored us every time you stepped in front of the class. You always spoke eloquently that all of us were always inspired. I think in my 15-teaching years, I only met three great student orators. You are one of them being consistently composed, assertive, and effectual. Please continue to use your gift to spread kindness and equality.

Accordingly, you are always very charming, sweet, and polite. You are really like a baby. Your innocence is so refreshing. You always make me feel that I am sincerely valued and loved. You are like a best friend, a confidant. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for being one of my lovely angels.

Lastly, I will never forget you because of what you wrote in your letter. You reminded me that we teachers have to be careful with how we handle our students especially if it is an Oral Communication or Public Speaking class. You gave me an idea that teachers should never be too rigid. We have to always remember that some people are not comfortable being in front or speaking to a crowd.

I really appreciate your time to write here and for giving me an opportunity to get in touch with you again. Thank you for this chance for me to do what I love – writing a letter to my students.

Thank you very much for being one of my sweetest students, for appreciating my teaching methodologies, and respecting my discernment.

Thank you for keeping my words in your heart. May you use those words to make this world a better place. Spread good words to the people around us, most especially when you're already working.

I love you and I wish all the best in life!

Love always,
Ms. Bensal


Reply to Ms. Jasmin Nicole Cristobal

Edwina R. Bensal

March 4, 2021 at 8:44:41 AM

An achiever will always be an achiever. How you do one thing is how you do everything. That’s who you are, my dear Jasmin! Your consistency is spectacular! You excel in acads. You stand out in public relations. Your ebullient personality shines more brightly than ever.

Thank you for being your best, giving your best, and accepting what can make you better than your best. What do I mean by this? You were right when you said that you could speak and write well enough. But that did not become a hindrance for you to grow more. You were confident and at the same time unassuming. You brought your best self in class without compromising who you really were just to please me and your classmates. While other students would get scared to be their best because they might be misinterpreted as over confident or overbearing, you remained focused and considerate.

Thank you for making our OCC class so much fun. You were one of those dedicated students who set the bar high for all the oral presentations. You made all the theories I taught in the class achievable and rewarding. You submitted exemplary works. Therefore, it was no wonder how you were awarded The Best Informative Speaker and The Best Panel Presenter. I still have your videos and I show them in my other classes (of course, with your permission). Oh, it was lovely to reminisce! The aura in our class was just unbeatable! I will never forget how you and your group mates were so generous of your time and very cooperative when I requested you all to have a rerun of your presentation so I could record them and make it a sample piece for my other classes. A million thanks for being one with me in inspiring other more students to be the best they could ever be! Indeed in your elegant way, you are an influencer. You are a fast-learner. You are beautiful, cheerful and friendly. You’re a gem! Unequivocally, your parents did a superb job in rearing you to become the person you are now.

Thank you for the wonderful moments we shared. Thank you for those sweet smiles, sincere gestures, and heartwarming Chica inside and outside our classroom. (Any updates on your crush? Hehe 🥰)

Oh my dear Jasmin, thank you very much for your kind words. Just like what I already told you, your words were captivating and very humbling. I kept crying while reading your letter and I shared your sweet words to my mom, too. Thank you for making my mom smile. Your words were like a warm hug to both of us. And thank you for affirming again and again how you meant every word you said. I believe you. As always! 🙏❤

I am certain that teachers who will get to read your letter will be inspired, too. Thank you for appreciating our passion and hard work. Your compliment will surely go a long way. Keep writing! Keep excelling! Keep spreading good vibes! You are beautiful inside and out!

Love always,
Ms. Weng


Reply to Mr. Vittorio J. Panaguiton, Jr.

Edwina R. Bensal

March 4, 2021 at 8:31:18 AM

Vitality - the word that lingers in my mind every time I remember you, my dear Vit. Your contagious kindness always gives a distinct energy to people around you. Shall I say your charm is irresistible! This was even confirmed when I met your mom and heard all praises for you. Your relationship with your mom can explain how genuine you are as a person. I am so blessed to witness how consistently thoughtful your are in school and at home.

I remember you were always seated near the door – always quiet and pensive. In your simple ways, your classmates sensed your sincerity. This was reflected in the essays you submitted to me. It was always fascinating reading them; always worthwhile. That’s why, you were one of those inspiring students I will never forget.

Vit, our future Doctor, thank you very much for your kind words. Thank you for taking time to write me an awesome letter. I know being a med student is difficult because of the hectic schedule you have. Hence, it makes your letter even more special. Again, thank you for always looking back and keeping yourself grounded.

Always remember that your happiness is ours as well. So stay happy, productive, and kind.

I wish you and your family all the best!

Ms. Bensal



Maria Cassandra Amparo

March 2, 2021 at 4:31:05 AM

A teacher full of energy and smiles once she enters the classroom, that's Ms. Bensal! A motivator. An empowerer. A catalyst for growth. These three values are only a couple of the many she demonstrated every day for all of her students, including myself. I was that little girl who felt nervous during her first day. I didn't know what to expect, but all of a sudden, Ms. Bensal entered the classroom. Just like magic, my worries and fear all just went away.

I remembered executing a speech the first day of our class, and I couldn’t be happier to receive positive feedback from her. From that moment on, I felt motivated to keep pushing myself to become better. Speaking in front of a class was not a walk in a park for everyone, but she knew the right words to say for a student to grow, and reach his or her greatest potential. This comes along with the genuine embrace her words bring to a student’s life. Her door does not welcome fear, but it invites excitement and growth from every student.

No matter how much you like public speaking or not, Ms. Bensal would remind you why you should not be afraid to speak. She was a voice of encouragement, and this voice remains in our hearts even when we leave that classroom.

Never will I forget her writing us letters before the term ends. She told me that I would always bring joy to her class, but little did she know that she is the real joy of the entire class. Looking back on my life, I know it would have been drastically different if I hadn’t gotten you as my teacher in grade 11. "You were never just a teacher," as the saying goes. In reality, you were my favorite part of school on most days. You've left an everlasting mark on my heart that will never be replaced.

Thank you for being the bundle of joy we needed during those times. Thank you for bringing an impact in our lives that did not end the minute the term ended, and most importantly, thank you for coming into our lives.


DLSU SHS Student / DLSU Full Scholar / Silver Awardee and Exemplary Conduct Awardee / Pana Verde Editor-in-Chief / Teatro Lasalyano Costume and Makeup Committee Head / Best News Writer in NCR Regional Schools Press Conference / Best Scriptwriter, Best News Writer, and Best Radio Broadcaster in Manila Division Schools Press Conference / Best Anchor and Overall Champion in Radio Broadcasting (Quezon City Division Schools Press Conference)

Jasmin Nicole Cristobal

February 20, 2021 at 1:18:15 AM

To claim that a great teacher will transform the life of a student is not an exaggeration. The impact that educators give to their students is often immeasurable and meaningful that they become unending. I am no stranger in experiencing and understanding this concept personally when I became a student of Ms. Edwina Bensal or Ms. Weng. She was my Oral Communication in Context (OCC) professor back in 11th Grade, and ever since, she has tremendously educated, inspired, and guided me into who I am today.

On the first day of class, Ms. Weng greeted us with delight that consequently removed weight off my shoulders about meeting another terror professor. Kid you not, we had a legit short quiz before her that day. Since then, OCC became my comfort subject as it is the only course where I felt that education could be fun and engaging. Her voice was soothing to hear that whenever she corrected my mistakes during a one-on-one consultation, I would feel galvanized to improve my skills. If I were to choose the best skill that I learned from her that I still carry with me today, it would be the three-point thesis statement. That rule has given me multiple awards and recognitions in different writing and broadcasting competitions both domestically and internationally. I can still vividly remember how I was first commended by my Reading and Writing Skills professor for using that knowledge in one of her activities. She then asked me about how I learned to use it properly, and I proudly replied, “Ms. Edwina Bensal taught it to me last term!”

Not only has she instilled wisdom, but she has also inspired me to fulfill my potential. Before coming into her class, I believed I could write and speak well enough. Yet, she still challenged my essays and speeches. Due to that, I always leave the class as a better writer and speaker. Sometimes, I think back to when she called out on my glasses for being in the way of my eye contact during my speech. I understood her, so I switched to using contact lenses, and girl, I did not just remove a barrier between my audience and me, but I genuinely felt more confident without the specs! Her encouragement to improve has sharpened my mind and body that eventually nurtured my self-esteem to join various broadcasting conferences and writing competitions. Indeed, I would not accomplish so much in those fields without her fostering my love for speaking and writing.

She may be a phenomenal teacher, but she is a great friend and mentor who always advise her students in their decisions outside the classroom. From time to time, we still keep in touch with each other, and we have had our share of stories to tell off and on the line. One funny thing I can recall was when I asked her about my crush from ABM whom she had handled before. She told me her thoughts about that guy. Her comment being “cute, attractive, fashionable” among others was so memorable and convincing that I decided to see it for myself finally! HAHAHAHAHA. I actually messaged the guy, and our initial commonality was having Ms. Weng as our English professor, and things already escalated from there. This is only one of the many situations where her opinion and actions guided me in the paths I have taken, and I am grateful that those brought positive consequences and indelible memories.

She is no doctor nor a government leader, but she has even greater power to shape lives through her education, inspiration, and guidance. Without a doubt, Ms. Weng is an unsung hero for her wholehearted determination to set aside greener pastures for a legacy of imparting quality education.

Ms. Weng, I attribute my success to you. All the sacrifices and efforts you have spent in bringing out the best in us can never be repaid in mere words. I can only be thankful for having you as my educator. I hope you continue to be the elegant and cheerful teacher who always strives to make her students better.

Thank you, because YOU have made me better.


DLSU Graduate / UERMMMCI Medical Student

Vittorio J. Panaguiton, Jr.

February 19, 2021 at 2:23:53 AM

Enduring would be a word that encapsulates the way Ms. Bensal aims to educate her classes. She was my professor for English Communication and she certainly left a lasting impression on me during that short span of time. This fundamental course that was handled by her was a pivotal one during my stay in DLSU as it established the way I would accomplish all of my future writing tasks.

Starting from the first day of class, Ms. Bensal wasted no time and began to deconstruct the writing style of each student in the class. She was very thorough in making sure that all of our writing flaws were indicated and corrected. This process would carry on for the rest of the term and she never failed to deliver her lessons passionately and energetically. She was never harsh with her criticism and allowed students to develop their own distinct writing techniques. She consistently handled that class with confidence and conviction, never failing to set the tone of the class and keeping everyone attentive. She was stern at times, but also warm and approachable. She is one of the notable professors that I will always remember for showing genuine care for her students' well being and not just their academics.

Overall, she is an exemplary educator who in my opinion has left indelible marks on her students through her proficiency and sincerity in education. Limited are the exceptional educators who can build bridges and connect to students, Ms. Edwina Bensal being one of the few who belong to this category.


Reply to Ms. Fhem Chavez

Edwina R. Bensal

February 1, 2021 at 5:52:42 AM

Hi, Fhem! Yeeeee!!!! 🧡 Receiving messages from you always makes my heart smile! 😍

Thank you so much for always remembering me! And of course, I will always check up on you guys once in a while. You are all my babies -- FOREVER!!!!

To reply to your very thoughtful message, I think we somehow mirror the people we look up to as I would like to affirm how thoughtful and respectful you are to me and that to me is very classy. Eventhough you were not my student anymore, you remain sweet, caring, and interested in learning more about the English language. I love it when you would have those random questions (via FB messenger) regarding the usage of words and their varieties. You give me so much purpose in my life! I love you!

Further, I am very happy to know that you get to do some volunteer works in your community. Continue doing things that money cannot buy and that is helping people whenever we can. You are always in my heart! You will always be a family to me! I hope to see you soon (and I will hug you very tight). 🤗

Love always,
Ms. Bensal


Your Student in University of the East, Manila (A.Y. 2014)

Fhem Chavez

February 1, 2021 at 5:29:39 AM

As we all know, being an educator in this world needs tons of patience and understanding to students. Ms. Bensal has it all. She possesses an exceptional wit and a creative prof/teacher for me. She inspires me to follow her footsteps and one day I can be like her too.

She is one of the best educators I had in my learning life. A classy yet elegant style of teaching is her forte. Eversince, she is very thoughtful. She never forgets her old students and she continues to ask about what we've become.

Thank you My Idol! Love you Maam Poshy!


Reply to Ms. Alexa Louise Lao

Edwina R. Bensal

January 31, 2021 at 4:18:01 AM

Oh Alexa, my loves! Reading your letter was like taking vitamins from A to Z. Yes, it was such a booster! Thank you very much! 🧡😘

Don’t we have mutual admiration? Haha You’re every teacher’s dream student. You were the type of student who preferred to sit in front of the class - always very attentive. While listening to the discussion, anyone who can notice your genuine smile will be inspired and will listen to the discussion too. That instant!

With questions I threw out to the class, you always had smart answers. Hence, class discussion was lively and substantial. This was also reflected to all the speeches you delivered in the class. They were all exemplary done and submitted on time. Hey! Congrats again for bagging The Best Demo Speaker, The Best Impromptu Speaker, and The Best Informative Speaker. It was crystal clear how much you enjoyed our class! Aside from this, your caring and loving nature was also admirable. Because we are still FB friends and communicate once in a while, even though we didn’t get to see each other, I can still say that you can be everybody’s bestie because of your sincere and sweet personality. You are inspiring!

Speaking of FB (digital world), let’s always count one precious blessing that we received - we met before pandemic; ergo, we were really able to enjoy our presence inside the classroom (during class hours), along the corridors (before and after our classes), and around the campus (when you guys were not my students anymore but we would still bump into each other and make beso beso and short chika chika). Now that everything is in a “new normal” and virtual, it made those times we had a much lovelier memory to cherish! Thanks to your (and your classmates’) genuine friendship! Because of that, the dynamics of our class is beyond class lectures, submitting requirements, and passing the subject. Animo!

Love you super, Pretty Alexa! 🧡🧡🧡 Will see each other soon! 😘


DLSU SHS Student / ALAYA PH Ambassador

Alexa Louise Lao

January 31, 2021 at 2:22:47 AM

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Ms Edwina is how much of a role model she is. She was my teacher for only one term, but she is by far the most memorable one. When it came to her, teaching wasn’t just about lectures, quizzes, and grades. She made sure to teach with such passion and dedication that I was motivated to learn more. Every Tuesday and Thursday I would actually look forward to her classes. I didn’t want to attend class anymore for the sole purpose of passing my course and getting good grades. I was excited to attend class because she taught me to love the subject. I was able to express myself through panel discussions, impromptu speeches, and even a demo video where I got to be James Charles for a day! 😂

If you were to ask me to evaluate Ms. on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest. Without a doubt, she will be getting a 10 from me. In the end, if you get Ms Edwina as a teacher, rest assured you will have the best time learning in class!

P.S. You can talk to her about anything and just make kwento!!! A teacher and bestie all in one 🤍 love you super ms 🤍🤍


Reply to Ms. Ava Wendy Tiu

Edwina Bensal

January 30, 2021 at 6:16:20 AM

Dear Ava,

Oh I miss you! And the entire ABM11-D!

It was such a wonderful blessing to have you and your block as my students during the first SHS ODL (Senior High School Online Distance Learning). The camaraderie in our class was extraordinary. You were all very diligent, polite, and friendly which made our synchronous classes lively and congenial. Watching all your speeches was such a respite because they were all labors of love. I could strongly sense the dedication you all put into them to prove that collaborative learning is worthwhile even in times of pandemic. Indeed, teachers and students must always work hand in hand towards productive and healthy learning environment. Such a beautiful reality to embrace that happened in our class!

Thank you for being you, my dear Ava. Thank you for kind words. Thank you for giving me one of the best compliments a teacher can receive from her student – you believed in yourself. By believing in yourself, making speeches became your second nature which made you become one of the finalists in the Green Talks 2020 Speech Competition. You made me a winner there! Know that it all started from your eagerness to raise awareness on the global problem that must concern us all - water scarcity. Always remember that life becomes even more meaningful when we care about others and our environment. So continue what you have started!

As you burgeon and positively affect the world, may you remain inquisitive. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need to and speak up if you must. But always remain composed, humble, and polite. Only speak the truth. That’s the true essence of our subject Oral Communication in Context (that’s why I always entertain my students’ inquiries to somehow encourage them that it pays to be involved). I know you will carry this in your heart wherever you go.

As always, we are proud of you!

Ms. Wina


DLSU Senior High Student / Multimedia Arts Committee Member of Salig PH

Ava Wendy Tiu

January 28, 2021 at 12:35:23 AM

To start, I just want to say that I really appreciate your time and effort to attend to all of my messages (for almost every activity). I always felt the need to apologize for frequently messaging because I understand that you have so many students and would probably want to spend some time not worrying about our resubmitted speech outlines and all that. However, you’re one of the teachers who, like I’ve always said, is more than encouraging, pushing us to come up with really great outputs. Besides that, you give us comments that we wouldn’t learn even after spending one whole day reading about “How to Make your Speeches more Creative” or “Interesting Speech Topics.” With that said, I have become truly fond of your teaching and inspired by you at the same time. Who knew that teaching would not only touch lives but awaken people’s minds and hearts as well?

All things considered, I am filled with gratitude for you and everything you have taught our class. Thank you so much po, Ma’am! I hope I meet you someday!

PS. Our class agrees that your ever so calming voice is one of the best voices we’ve ever heard. We will miss you, Ma’am!


Reply to Mr. Kobe Lacsamana

Edwina R. Bensal

January 27, 2021 at 9:47:08 AM

Kobe!!! You’re the sweetest! Thank you for this stupendous surprise. You totally caught me off-guard! Yeeee!!! Thank you for making me feel extra! super duper special!

I probably have done great things in my life to deserve your sweet recollection and thoughtful compliments. I love every word that you said especially your well-wish to me, “I hope you still have as much passion and love for teaching as you did during our time. And I hope you get to teach many, many more students.” Thank you. I will keep this in my heart as a reminder of my burning passion towards teaching (especially when things get tough). You, too! May you always carry with you your blazing desire to make a positive difference.

Allow me to recall this:
Everytime I required the class to write an essay, you were always the first one to start and you would always make sure to put your heart and soul into it. That being so, reading your essay was always a delight. Your essay would always be the longest one as your ideas are always cascading. I can still remember your penmanship and the thick yellow sheets of paper that you would submit that sometimes intimidated some of your classmates. 😂 Speaking of which, your block was one of the best blocks I handled; that's maybe the reason why until now we are still in touch with each other. You guys never forget, always very loving, and consistently polite! With that, I am truly humbled and grateful! Thanks for the great time… great memories! Indeed!

Kobe, my dear, do not forget how simple, modest, and determined you were back in first year college. These are the same qualities that will make you go a long way and make us proud of you even more! Animo! 💚


DLSU Graduate / Now a Law Student

Kobe Lacsamana

January 24, 2021 at 3:06:29 PM

Hi Ma'am!

I'm currently in my 3rd year in law school in UP. Obviously, writing in English is a big part of the skill set needed to survive in law school and to be a lawyer. I thought about it recently, and I can say that the biggest improvement in my writing skill came during the time I was your student.

I considered myself as a pretty good writer going into your class. But you were tough and you kept challenging me, and I am a much better writer because of it (or at least that's what I like to tell myself). I've always remembered your emphasis on using transition words (which was not something I was taught about prior to your class.) And the biggest technical lesson I've learned from you is that just because you have good grammar does not necessarily mean that your work is readable or has flow (I'm not sure this message shows that I really learned this lesson so you just have to trust that I did). And since practicing law involves being able to establish the logical connections from point A to point B to point C, the lessons I've learned from you have served me really well. Your class also reminded me to stay humble and realize that there's always room to get better.

So my success is in part, a direct result of your excellent teaching and you pushing me. You are one of the most consequential teachers I've ever had. And I'm sure you've had the same effect on your former students.

Also, your classes were fun and my blockmates and I have good memories of our time together. I hope you still have as much passion and love for teaching as you did during our time. And I hope you get to teach many, many more students.

Thank you Ma'am! Stay safe. 🙂


Reply to Ms. Mikaela Patolot

Edwina R. Bensal

January 23, 2021 at 8:56:07 AM

Our first-ever plunge into the Online Distance Learning was very challenging and tough but your block (most especially you) made it enjoyable and fulfilling. Thank you very much!

I said “most especially you” because you were so kind to all of us. You answered me immediately during synchronous classes to prevent the awkward gap. You were always humble to accept your shortcomings and always ready to learn new things. Also, even though you got the highest score in the group activity and could already just relax, you went the extra mile to help your classmates so that they could pull up their grades. That was really admirable! 💚💚💚

Regarding the consultation meeting, I said that because there were some students who would resubmit their works tirelessly but mindlessly. Yes they would revise their works but only for the sake of getting perfect scores and by just relying on my comments and standards. That kind of attitude could defeat sustainable learning. I want my students to be interdependent writers and confident thinkers; hence, I give personal and different approaches depending on my students' capacity and skills.

My dearest Mika, thank you for appreciating everything I did in our class. You made me feel like you were my soulmate because everything I explained in the class – all the theories – you applied them in the tasks with so much precision. Just like my comment in the essay you submitted, I could feel your sincerity even virtually and from afar. Your output made me imagine how you attentively listened and jotted down all the important details I emphasized in our lessons. The high quality of your works affirmed that all my hard work paid off.

You were one of the greatest blessings I received during this pandemic. A million thanks, Mika! May God always bless you, and may you remain as grounded as you are!

Love always,
Ms. Wina


DLSU College Student

Mikaela Patolot

January 23, 2021 at 7:01:05 AM

Good day, Ms. Wina! I just want to say that I truly learned a lot from you this term. From outlining down to creating an advocacy campaign, you really gave me the chance to broaden my knowledge on communication. I am grateful to have you as one of my first professors in DLSU.

I will never forget the time when we had a consult meeting and were discussing my assignment. You asked me to turn in my work early so that you could check it in advance. And, when I agreed, you said that you didn't do it for everyone and pointed out, "because that's not teaching; that's called spoon-feeding." — which just proves how great you are as an educator.

You dedicated a lot of time for us, students, by thoroughly checking our works no matter how lengthy or how incoherent they were. You made sure no one got left behind, which was why all of us were so lively in your online class sessions. I am certain that the whole class appreciates you, your passion, and your effort.

Ms. Wina, thank you for the morning greetings, prompt replies, annotations, comments, motivation, and inspirational quotes! I really hope to see you in campus soon.

Best Regards,
Mikaela Patolot


Reply to Ms. Janina Manipol

Edwina R. Bensal

January 23, 2021 at 12:58:21 AM

My dearest Janina,

Thank you very much for kind words. Thank you for still remembering me.

Having known you for 14 years now, you never change a bit – you are still the same polite and thoughtful beautiful woman.

I can still remember when you told me how you looked up to your mom so much. Surely, you are blessed to have her – you have the best genes in the world – beauty, body, brain, and benignant. She successfully raised a very fine woman. You are indeed an epitome, my dear Janina!

With your beauty and character, you always stand out. In my more than 15 years in De La Salle, I have never had a student like you – unassuming. Despite, your accomplishments in life and busy schedule, you never forget and are never officious.

Eventhough you already graduated, you still came back to De La Salle to help out a department or two. Your thoughtfulness was deeply rooted. What I appreciate the most, we would bump into each other around La Salle, we would throw our sweet hi’s to each other and promise to go out for some coffee or quick lunch out. And before we separated our ways, you would always give me that warm hug like a daughter. I know soon we will see each other and cherish more our great times as LaSallians!

Whoever you’ll get to marry, I can guarantee how blessed he is for having a kind-hearted partner like you.

I wish you, your career, family, and business to flourish more! You deserve all the great things in this world.
I love you and I miss you, my dear!

Ms. Edwina Bensal


DLSU Graduate / Now a Filmmaker, Content Creator, and Model

Janina Manipol

January 15, 2021 at 12:00:48 AM

Ms. Edwina Bensal was my Speech and Communication professor at De La Salle University. Every time she’d come to class, she’ll bring with her a smile that’s utterly contagious!

Her class was very interactive, it was one of those classes that you’d look forward to instead of dread. I’d like to thank her for the guidance, words of wisdom and motivational speeches that she shared with us. She may not know it but she has made a big impact on my life and for that I will be forever grateful. Wherever I go in life, I’ll always remember that I had an excellent teacher like Ms. Bensal. Although I only had her for a term, I’ll treasure those memories forever.

These exact words were published at Manila Bulletin Newspaper last October 5, 2011, page E-2. In celebration of the World Teachers’ Day, some personalities (myself included) were interviewed to pay tribute to our dear teachers. And I chose the best - Ms. Edwina Bensal.


Reply to Ms. Mariah Camille V. Oliveros

Edwina R. Bensal

January 14, 2021 at 10:40:12 AM

Oh Mariah!

Thank you very much!

Thank you for your very generous words. Really! Thank you. I was equally blessed to have had you in my class. More than words, you were such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you very much for all the assistance and support you willingly and gracefully bestowed to me. Having you in my class was truly a delight. You helped me a lot by simply being a great example to your classmates. You were such an angel, undoubtedly a leader. Quiet, hard working, and sincere. Your study habit and time management were both worthy of emulation.

I will never forget this moment in our class:

While waiting for the time to strike at 7:30 am., I, at my table checking papers, overheard you and your classmates. They were so impressed with you and were asking how you juggled all the academic requirements with ease and excellence. You answered it in a natural way in which organization seems to be your lifestyle. They threw a follow-up question on how you effectively wrote essays. Indeed, many of your classmates admired you and were inspired by you. Hence, they also tried to be their very best.

Of course among the many sweet and unforgettable memories we had, let’s not forget your class project that reached more than 88,000 people who signed your petition to revise plastic ban ordinances in Metro Manila at

That’s who you are – you always make sure that your simple deed will go along way. Also, thanks to your classmates who were likewise fervor with every task I gave to the class – Ricci, Lance, Christine, and Alyssa.

If this will not inspire students or our fellows, I don’t know what will!



College Student, De La Salle University / Recipient, Scholarship America

Mariah Camille V. Oliveros

January 14, 2021 at 4:34:02 AM

Ms. Edwina Bensal is a vibrant, genuine educator in every sense of the word. She was my professor for my Purposive Communication class and her lectures were delivered with a positive, lively energy that held interest. She warmly encouraged participation and was able to manage the class well. Her comprehensive and clear speech spoke of her strong communication skills. She also used different practical activities to supplement learning, such as writing assessments, impromptu public speaking exercises, live peer evaluations, and the like.

Ms. Bensal's dedication to excellence is especially admirable. She provided constructive guidance in a timely and tactful manner, helping her students improve their outputs and working knowledge. However, her adherence to quality did not end with mere feedback. From the assessments, she took note of the trouble areas of the class and provided special lectures for these topics even if it wasn't required of the syllabus.

Above all, it was heartwarming to witness her authentic concern for her students. She makes it a point to catch up with and even assist her students long after a semester ends. She has personally shown me kindness and helped me time and time again throughout my career as a student. I strongly believe that her ability to see and foster the potential of her students is what makes her an ideal teacher.


Reply to Ms. Naomi Arata

Edwina R. Bensal

January 14, 2021 at 12:43:26 AM

My dear Naomi,

Thank God that our paths crossed again after several years.

You were one of those students who can’t easily be forgotten. In fact, your positive energy still lingers in my mind. In our class, you were seated near the window in one of Miguel’s classrooms. You were always well dressed and well groomed. With your natural beauty, people would mistake you as a model or a celebrity. More than anything else, you were always physically, emotionally, and intellectually prepared for the class. You were every teacher’s dream to have in their classroom. You were always attentive and always eager to participate. If others would shy away from presenting speeches in front of the class; you were the otherwise. Your charisma can tame those butterflies in your stomach and monster in your head. You always had that excitement to execute what you learned from class. You were also equally excited to hear my comments after your speech.

Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for allowing me to train you the way I know was best for my students – for you.

To approach me and seek guidance after our class was a sign of humility - the most expensive trait one could ever afford. It took courage to admit that one needs help; it took discipline to allot extra time for a tutorial (aka consultation) amidst baffling academic requirements. Another commendable trait, as usual, you were a natural. You effortlessly digested everything I said. You made my-every-word-of-advise a reality. That, my dear, is brilliance!

Yes, my dear Naomi, hold on to God’s precious gifts to you – you are beautiful, brilliant, and benevolent!

Continue to blaze and inspire people wherever you go.

I’ll see you soon!

Love you always!


DLSU Graduate / Currently an English Teacher at Eigohoikusho

Naomi Arata

January 13, 2021 at 11:05:42 AM

I took Ms. Edwina Bensal’s SPEECOM class during the Special Term in 2015. Her style of teaching was so engaging and inspiring, which was fitting for a class that required each student to speak in front of the class. Her way of providing critiques always pushed me to do more. Always sweet and beaming, she is a true mark of excellence and professionalism in her field, not to mention, she is someone I genuinely look up to. Her tips in public speaking continually help me years after taking SPEECOM.

I find her approachable and understanding. Ms. Bensal motivated me to complete my final individual speech when I was struggling in writing a draft. I remember meeting her after class hours when she helped me polish my speech and turn it into a script that I felt more confident in presenting. At that exact meeting she told me that I was a brilliant student. I still hold those words dear to me.

In retrospect, I wish I had taken more classes taught by Ms. Edwina Bensal because every class I attended was nothing short of exciting. She is honestly among the most memorable professors I’ve had in my four years in DLSU.


Reply to Mr. Jose Antonio Barroso

Edwina R. Bensal

January 13, 2021 at 9:51:59 AM

Oh Barry! Thank you for your kind words. It was nostalgic to read your lovely letter.

Indeed, students can vividly remember two major types of professors. In the case of a professor who was blessed to have a superb CLA block like yours, I can sweetly recall myriad tiny details that happened in our class five years ago. Well, who will ever forget how adobrable, innocent, and vibrant you guys were! Hehe

When it was discussion time, all your eyes were glued to me. You guys made me feel, more than a celebrity, a goddess. You all made me feel like a “Gorgeous” goddess. Maybe that’s the etymology of my “Gorgeous” alias in your class - the respect and the love was just undeniable and unsurpassable.

When it was writing time, you guys were all fixated with your paper and pen. You all made me feel excited to read your works. No one would even notice I went out of the class. My colleagues asked me what I implemented in the class for you guys to be well disciplined. Honestly, no strict rules but love and understanding among us.

When it was game time, we all had the best time of our lives. You guys trusted me that my teaching strategies and methodologies will make you the best person you can ever be.

You guys made me feel that grades were just numbers. Solid and sincere relationship with one another was more valuable and lasting.

Why did I recall all these? All teachers will understand that aura in the classroom is cultural. If one is cooperative and responsible, the majority will most likely be the same. You are that “one”. I wil not forget how you were in my class and how your classmates were to you. You were like a big brother to your classmates and your classmates look up to you. You were always the serious guy seated in front row of the class who can throw and catch joke very cleverly. Your personality created a perfect blend for our class. You were a no-nonsense type of guy. You were always a sensible and loving lad - a combination of heart and mind. Undeniably, a true LaSallian!

Now that you are taking your law degree, I hope you will remain grounded and just. We certainly need more of you in this world.


Ms. Bensal


DLSU Graduate / Currently, Law Student

Jose Antonio Barroso

January 13, 2021 at 5:34:41 AM

Students only remember two kinds of professors— The terrible ones and the amazing ones. Ms. Bensal or “Gorgeous” as we fondly call her is the latter. She was tasked to teach a very fundamental course. One that should equip us with necessary skills we would use in every paper, research, thesis, and other written requirement from then on. That said, I cannot think of anyone more suited to take on the challenge than her. In the rather short few months I spent with her, I have witnessed so many great admirable qualities, but what I will always remember is her passion and patience. I have been taught by many educators in my lifetime —In fact, I am still pursuing further studies at the moment, but from the various teachers I have studied under, Ms. Bensal would always be one of the best. Her passion for teaching is refreshing. You will rarely find professors who teach with utmost clarity, grace and still remain relatable and fun as opposed to cold, robotic and monotonous.

Despite teaching a seemingly mundane skill such as writing, she manages to make it interesting and worth perfecting. I can only admire her patience and meticulosity in correcting our drafts. She makes you want to try your best because you are assured that your submissions are being read and corrected. You can expect constructive feedback and sometimes if you’re lucky, she will use the word “love” or draw hearts beside a sentence or paragraph you made. She consulted with each of us personally to go over her notes on our drafts. She rewarded our hardwork by allocating a day where we just play games. She delivered lessons like fallacies in a story-telling manner, departing from the traditional means of teaching that is expected at a college level. I appreciated it so much because her energy and drive rubbed off on me. We went to her class every time because we were so eager to learn from her. I cannot even remember our block ever having more than 2 absentees in her class. We were drawn to her magnetic personality. She will be the friend you can talk to casually but also the mentor you never had. Learning from her was a privilege and an opportunity. She does more than what is asked of her and she gives her best in the work she is given.

Teaching is a noble profession and as such only those whose heart and mind are driven towards the goal of educating can be worthy. I would rather have a competent, passionate and patient teacher than one with just a brilliant mind and multiple degrees. Luckily, Ms. Bensal is both. I only hope she realizes that she is part of the success of all her students. Every academic paper assured of being formal, impersonal, structurally sound and hedged, and every in-text citation properly cited in the reference list at the end of every essay are all thanks to her.


Reply to Ms. Lara Jomalesa

Edwina R. Bensal

December 31, 2020 at 7:30:19 AM

Oh Lara, my dear! First off, thank you very much for your very inspiring letter. Second, it was a complete surprise to me that you felt intimidated by your blockmates because the first ever speech you delivered in our class was spectacular. This in fact happened during the first week of the term. You exuded the perfect blend of confidence and ingenuity. You were like a daughter of The Great Aristotle as your speech was complete with ethos, pathos, and logos. And it didn’t stop there! You continually impressed us with your character. TRUSTWORTHINESS. CONSISTENCY. MODESTY. COMMITMENT. That’s who you are.

TRUSTWORTHINESS. You were the type of student who can transform teacher’s crazy life to bearable and memorable. You were always attentive and sincere. You always said yes to every task and responsibility and delivered the finest. You were such a great emissary because everything I said, you kept it in your heart; hence, your classmates surely relied to you. Your leadership skills were truly commendable.

CONSISTENCY. From group works to individual tasks, from simple collating of your classmate’s papers to creating advocacy campaign, you all valued them equally. What you apply to one, you apply to all. How you execute one thing, you do to all. That’s a sign of maturity and sincerity.
Indeed, first impressions last because

MODESTY. You are unassuming. You don’t let your myriad achievements stray you away from the most valuable trait – humility. You always leave room for improvement. You are always friendly, accommodating, and open for suggestions. Diplomacy is your art.

COMMITMENT. You are sincere. You never changed. Who you were in our class is still the same sweet, polite, and dedicated Lara Jomalesa until now.

Lastly, please know that we will always be here for you. So continue to spread your wings and inspire more! Continue to help our hardworking farmers because as you dedicate time for them you make this generation and the next a brighter one!

To me you are the Coffee Amigo Diety. So remember (I know you always do), leadership is not just position and being right; it must always be accompanied with compassion since we can’t always see what other people are going through.

Thank you very much for all your help to me, to our dear farmers, and to this generation!

I love you and let’s Coffee soon!

Ms. Bensal


DLSU FAST2019 Legislative Assembly Representative / The Amigo Coffee Co-founder / Project and Research Director / Your Former Student (A.Y. 2019)

Lara Jomalesa

November 20, 2020 at 10:44:47 AM

Dear Ms. Bensal,

I want you to know that I’m the kind of person who isn’t good with words, but I wholeheartedly believe that you deserve to hear the things I’m about to write in this letter.

As a girl who was born and raised in Bacolod, moving to Manila daunted me. I remember my blockmates intimidated me so much. It felt like nobody in my block wanted me to be their friend. But it was in your class that I learned to embrace my experiences as a probinsyana and turn these experiences into strength. Your advocacy class made me realize that despite my background, I can stand out uniquely. Your class didn’t just teach me public speaking or what words to say in front of people. Rather, it taught me to speak from the heart.

Thank you for being the kind of teacher who would go beyond her profession and take the time to listen to every student's concern. I can vividly remember our conversation outside the classroom about what happened to my friend, Madi, who has been absent from your class several times and has done minimal effort in group works. At that point, you made me realize that grades are just grades, and being able to empathize with other people’s situation makes me a whole lot better.

Thank you for imparting lessons that I never knew would mold me to become the student that I am right now. Currently, I have been involved in the University Student Government creating policies that cater to students’ rights and welfare. I recently founded a social enterprise that works closely with indigenous people farmers in Mindanao as well. Having realized all the things I have accomplished in less than a year, I owe a part of my success to you; because your class didn’t just teach me about maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Rather, it taught me to care genuinely for my blockmates, students of De La Salle University, and my country. It taught me that I can be my own kind of person.

I hope you continue to transform more lives despite the challenging time we are facing.

Thank you, Ms. Bensal for transforming mine.

Always in Service,
Lara Beatrice D. Jomalesa

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