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A Lion's Tome: Exploring Singapore Libraries (Part 2)

Following up on my previous article, here are six more things in Singapore Libraries that just make sense:

7. Senior Citizen-Friendly Destination

Singapore Libraries are a senior-friendly haven as they offer wide variety of reading materials, smooth elevator service, and engaging physical activities for hobbies and relaxation.

They create a welcoming environment for senior citizens. For example, reading materials are in large print to give them time to rest their eyes from screen and eyeglasses.

Easy access elevators to accommodate senior citizens who use mobility aids such as wheelchairs or power scooters. This definitely ensures their accessibility and comfort during their library visit.

Pamphlets, booklets, and activities that are tailored to their preferences and interests are all available.

These are great ways to keep their sense of purpose and accomplishments. Amazing! Impressive!

8. Wonderland Library for Kids and Family

It’s simple, a family that reads together, stays together! To cultivate a love for reading in children, Singapore NLB strengthens family bonds and empowers them to become independent individuals.

Singapore Libraries definitely advocate teaching kids to read and uniting family relationship, so these kids will eventually develop skills and confidence to stand on their own and to give back. These two simple attributes can open doors to endless opportunities and kindness to the world.

Look up! Activity sheets for the kids to support and enhance their proactive reading - always available and free!

An inviting reading space for family to enjoy their bonding time.

9. Homegrown Treasures

Singapore Libraries empower library engagement by celebrating local contributions. They allot enough space to exhibit the work of their locals and encourage them to support their own artists - most especially the kids. Here are some photos to showcase their community involvement through arts, notes, programmes:

These are artworks done by their students. Won't you feel proud if your kid's art piece is a display in Singapore National Library? That's how Singapore Libraries reach out to their community.

10. Technological Innovation

Singapore Libraries definitely exemplify a forward-thinking and dynamic platform. They secure and provide state-of-the-art bookdrops and robot scanning books for more efficient inventory and streamlined processes.

Further, they incorporate innovative artwork installations and charging stations to foster a modern and more connected environment.

11. Green Library

Despite Singapore Libraries' technological advancements, it is indeed admirable that they prioritize sustainability.

The incorporation of recycling material and book exchange corners in all their libraries reflects Singapore's commitment to promoting eco-consciousness by encouraging community engagement in sustainable practices.

12. Dependable Library Ambassadors

Singapore Libraries boast one of their most remarkable features - they have ample number of Library Ambassadors and Support Staff who are dedicated, friendly, approachable, and industrious as shown below.

Overall, we hope that our country (the Philippines) and all countries in the world will also prioritize the establishment of public library in every community. By doing so, we can enhance accessibility of educational resources and we can promote a culture of reading, learning, and sharing. Such an initiative would play a crucial role in fostering literacy, camaraderie, and intellectual growth throughout our nation.

May the story of Singapore Libraries continue to be written with admiration - inspiring generations to come and reminding us of the profound impact of libraries to our society.

Majulah Singapura!

P.S. All photos and videos were either taken using my Samsung Galaxy or Samsung S22 Ultra. Thank you.

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